Details for PO#52031 PUBLIC NOTICE



Notice that on April 27, 2021, at 6:00pm, the City Council of the City of Española will be meeting in the Council Chambers at 405 N. Paseo de Onate, Española NM, and online via zoom, and will after a public hearing consider for adoption ORDINANCE 2021-02, AN ORDINANCE AMENDING THE ZONING ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF ESPAÑOLA, ORDINANCE NO. 313, AS AMENDED, CHANGING THE ZONING CLASSIFICATION OF 2.706 ACRES, MORE OR LESS, FROM B-2 GENERAL COMMERCIAL DISTRICT TO R-6 URBAN RESIDENTIAL DISTRICT. THE PROPERTIES ARE ADDRESSED AS 703 MIDDLE SAN PEDRO RD. (0.20AC, UPC 1047119324484); 705 MIDDLE SAN PEDRO RD. (0.158AC, UPC 1047119310484); 707 AND 711 MIDDLE SAN PEDRO RD. (0.69AC,UPC 1047119334496); 713 MIDDLE SAN PEDRO RD. (0.850AC, UPC 1047119352500); 801 MIDDLE SAN PEDRO RD. (0.203AC, UPC 1047119359490); 803 MIDDLE SAN PEDRO RD. (0.20AC, UPC 1047119367491); AND 808 MIDDLE SAN PEDRO RD. (0.405AC, UPC 1047119372480), WITHIN THE CITY OF ESPAÑOLA, COUNTY OF RIO ARRIBA. a copy of the ordinance is available for inspection at the city clerk’s office during regualr business hours. Done this march 18, 2021, by angelica m. serrano, interim city clerk.

(Published March 18th, 2021)


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