Jimenz accepts plaque

Española City Police Department Chief Roger Jimenez (left) receives a plaque from FBI Special Agent James Langenberg for Department Lt. Abraham Baca’s work in June that led to the FBI’s apprehension of Larry Pusateri (aka Luis Archuleta and Ramon Montoya) in Española. Baca said he had to verify leads provided to him by a private detective and develop other information to strengthen the case before giving it to the FBI.

   About a dozen FBI representatives trekked north to the Española Police Department Oct. 9 to present an award to Police Chief Roger Jimenez for the Department’s abundant work that led to the Aug. 5 apprehension of Larry Pusateri (aka Luis Archuleta and Ramon Montoya) in August.

    FBI Special Agent James Langenberg presented the award to Jimenez.

    “This is just one example of the great relationship we have with the Española Police Department,” he said. “The EPD has assisted the agency on many other cases as well as arrests drug seizures and last year’s kidnapping (of Renezmae Calzada).”

    Langenberg also lauded the Department for being the first, two years ago, to join the FBI’s task force.

    “When Chief Jimenez was confirmed as chief last June I could not have been more pleased,” he said.

    Jimenez accepted the award saying the Department’s relationship with the FBI through the task force has been successful.

    “We appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with our federal partners to give closure to victims involved in this specific incident,” Jimenez said.

    Pusateri, 77, in failing health and a wheelchair, was arrested Aug. 5 at his house on Jemez View Street in Española, where he and his wife lived. A confidential informant told a Colorado private investigator Pusateri was living as Ramon Montoya in Española.

    Once the investigator believed he had confirmed the information, he approached the Española Police Department with it.

    Jimenez thanked Española Police Lt. Abraham Baca, who performed the pertinent and necessary groundwork that led to the FBI arresting Pusateri. Baca has been with the Department three years. Prior to joining the Department he was with Rio Arriba County Sheriff’s Office and before that he spent 10 years with the New Mexico State Police.

    Baca said former Denver detective and private investigator Daril Cinquanta contacted him in June with information Cinquanta believed proved Ramon Montoya was Larry Pusateri.

    “He (Cinquanta) contacted me and explained who he was and what he did,” Baca said Oct. 9. “He gave me the information (he had).”

    That was just the beginning for Baca, though. He had to verify the information, and further develop more leads.

    “The information he provided, some made sense, some didn’t,” Baca said. “I got more information and conducted more interviews locally.”

    Baca could not answer some questions because of confidential sources and some methods used. Once he had enough to make a case, he was instructed to take the information to the Department’s federal task force officer. He said he could not name that person either.

    Baca was at Pusateri’s house Aug. 5 when the FBI arrested him. However, he was not allowed to take part in the arrest.

    “It was all FBI,” Baca said of the arrest. “They don’t share a lot.”

    Baca said all of the leads that led to Pusateri’s arrest came from his work or his confirming Cinquanta’s information.

    Langenberg and Jimenez both said the Department’s relationship with the FBI has made the area safer and a better place to live.

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John Martinez

Making ESPANA Great Again!!! Never have we had any FBI props, to any other Chief as long as I can remember!!

Great job Chief Jimenez and EPD!!

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