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These are some of the vehicles the City of Española will auction on the online platform General Services Director Jeff Sargent told city councilors the police cruisers should bring about $1,000 each and the trucks about $2,500. Buyers pay the auction premium so there is no cost to the city.

    The City of Española’s General Services Department is preparing to put 10 vehicles up for auction on the online platform

    Six retired police cruisers, a vacuum truck from the water department and three other pick-up trucks from various departments were approved for sale in last week’s City Council meeting.

    General Services Director Jeff Sargent explained some of the benefits of using the new online platform. The last time the city had vehicles to sell, it hired an on-site auctioneer in 2018. Due to various complications, it took almost five years to organize the auction and sale of those vehicles, during which time the vehicles lost significant value.

    “With this platform, I can put vehicles on (the site) probably every three to six months, depending on what we have available,” Sargent said.

    People from all over the country can view and bid on the vehicles, so they’re expected to sell quicker. Plus, having an online platform can make the auctions more accessible to folks who wouldn’t be able to make it to an in-person auction.

    “What’s nice about this system is, it’s not just for vehicles,” he said. “We can do it for furniture. We could do it for heavy equipment. We could do it for all the computers that we’ve pulled the hard drives out of.”

    Sargent said he expects to make at least $1,000 on each of the police cruisers and about $2,500 for the trucks. There is no cost to the city to use

    “The end buyer pays a 7.5 percent (premium) on top of the top bid, to the company directly,” Sargeant said. “So it does not affect our bottom line as far as the top bid. This is above and beyond that. So it’s actually a win-win deal.”

    The vehicles have to undergo a thorough mechanical exam, and then Sargent has to submit videos of them running before they’re approved for auction. He said he doesn’t expect the process to  take more than a couple weeks.

    “We’ll put the auction listing on our city website and we’ll also put it on our Facebook account,” he said.

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