Española City Police Department is investigating the Sept. 5 armed robbery of the Dollar General Store on Santa Clara Bridge Road.

    Police Officer Isaiah Anaya states in his draft report he was dispatched to the store at about 5:13 p.m. in response to a 911 call about the robbery. He spoke with Dollar General employee Bobby Shaw, who was the cashier at the time.

    Shaw told Anaya a rather well-dressed man wearing a blue shirt, dress pants and shoes and a solid-colored face mask came in and demanded all the money in the drawer. Shaw said he was confused but when the man placed a small caliber handgun on the counter, he complied and gave him all the money in the drawer.

    The report states Shaw had just made “a money drop,” prior to the robbery so the amount taken was minimal.

    The robber was described as being in his late 30s, white and had an accent Shaw was not familiar with.

    Shaw said the man exited the store and headed east. Surveillance showed a blue Volkswagen parked on the east side of the store at the time of the robbery but it’s not clear whether the robber left in the car or on foot.

    Inside surveillance showed the robber walking around the store for about 10 minutes before approaching the front counter. Because of the state-required plexi glass at the front counter, Anaya could not see the gun on the counter. He could see the robber pull something out of his pocket and then put money into his pocket.

    Billy Bustos was also clerking in the store at the time but his interview was not included in the draft report.

    Anaya states the case is still under investigation.

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