Española Police Department Lt. Richard Trujillo pulled over a Taos woman near Walgreens Aug. 16, when he noticed she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. 

He had been patrolling the area near Walgreens when he saw Desiree Quintana, 23, driving an SUV and not wearing a seatbelt. When he approached the vehicle, he said, “What’s going on?” and asked for the woman’s driver’s license. 

Quintana told Trujillo she didn’t have her license, but she said she had a registration card and insurance card, however, she couldn’t produce a valid registration or insurance card. Instead, she handed over an expired registration card and a student ID. 

As she was reaching into her wallet for the ID, Trujillo noticed her Social Security Card and asked for that, as well.

“I could smell a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from the inside of the vehicle,” Trujillo wrote in his incident report. “I asked how much she had to drink today, she replied ‘None today.’ I asked ‘Are you sure?’ and she replied ‘Yes, I promise.’”

Trujillo then asked if she would be able to pass a field sobriety test and she said she could.

He told Quintana he pulled her over because she wasn’t wearing her seatbelt. She showed him the driver’s seatbelt that was damaged and at that point, the passenger, later identified as Davey Sisneros, of Vallecitos, pointed out that he was wearing his.

“I then proceeded to my unit with an expired insurance card, social security card with the name of Desiree Amber Quintana, and a University of New Mexico student identification card with the same name,” Trujillo wrote.

He began writing a traffic citation as he waited for her information to be run through central dispatch. 

Trujillo told Sisneros he knew Quintana had been drinking and the man confirmed the lieutenant’s suspicion and said, “Yes she has.” 

Trujillo learned from central dispatch that Quintana’s license was revoked. He asked her to step out of the SUV and again asked how much she had to drink. She replied “none.” 

Trujillo began the field sobriety tests, on which Quintana did not do well. He explained one of the tests as least twice, but wrote that she was not paying attention to him. 

When he asked her to do the one-leg stand, she kept picking up her foot and putting it down, then nearly fell over. After several failed attempts, she told Trujillo, “Just take me to jail, I don’t have balance.”

He then asked her to place her right hand in front of her, palm up and touch the tip of her fingers with the tip of her thumb. She insisted it was the tip of her tongue, not her thumb, and kept arguing with Trujillo.

Because of her inability to pass the field sobriety test and the smell of alcohol coming off of her, Trujillo arrested Quintana and asked if she’d submit to a Breathalyzer test. She refused and was transported to the Española holding facility.

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