Run 4 Life

From Press Release

    El Centro Family Health will host its annual Run 4 Life, however this year’s event will be virtual and a 10-day challenge. El Centro hosts the run annually to draw attention to suicide prevention.

    The challenge will be held Oct. 2 to 12 and will consist of different health activities that participants will post online. It calls for 20 minutes of “colorful physical activity” every day for 10 consecutive days.

    Any activity qualifies. The hosts suggest running, walking, hiking, biking, even gardening or wood-splitting. Participants will post a pictuer o veido every day to the Center’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

    After 10 days, send an email to webmaster@ecfh.or and receive an El Centro facemask and suicide awareness bracelet.

    The event is free, but El Centro welcomes donations. There is a donate button on the website.

Drive-thru Shot Clinic

SUN Staff Report

    Española Hospital is holding a free drive-thru flu shot clinic for adults 18 years and older.

    The clinic will take place in the Hospital parking lot from 9 a.m. to noon, Sept. 26.

    Hospital staff will administer the shots to people while they are in their cars. The cars must be standard height so that the nurses can reach the windows.

    Attendees should prepare to spend at least 30 minutes in their cars.

    They must wear masks that cover their noses and mouths at all times. No bandanas, gaiters or valved masks will be allowed.

    They should also wear short-sleeve tops so that nurses can easily access their arms.

Las Clinicas Employee

Tests Positive

SUN Staff Report

    Over the course of the past week, Las Clinicas del Norte closed its three branches for disinfection.

    Despite the precautionary measures employees were taking––screening for COVID-19 at the door, keeping six feet of distance inside the clinics, wiping down the buildings at the end of every day––a staff member tested positive for COVID-19, said Las Clinicas Chief Operations Officer Brandi Darby in a Sept. 16 phone call.

    One after another, the El Rito Clinic, the Abiquiú Clinic and the Ojo Caliente clinic were disinfected with an electrostatic disinfectant sprayer.

    The disinfectant process began Sept. 16 and was completed by Tuesday morning. The clinics are now operating as usual.

    Darby said the clinics were planning to perform this process before the employee tested positive, but “then this just pushed it into motion a little quicker.”

    Clinic staff has been working very closely with the New Mexico Department of Health to follow any post-exposure protocol that might be necessary because of the positive case, she said.

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