A Medanales man claiming to have purchased a Toyota Tacoma truck from an unknown man at Speedway, was arrested and charged with receiving or transferring stolen motor vehicles (first offense).

    Kenny Borrego, 60, the owner of Classic Motors, reported the 2006 pickup truck stolen. Taken along with the truck, were two keys, which were later recovered with the vehicle.

    Española City Police Officer Derrick Valdez was dispatched to the Santa Clara Apartments at 10 p.m., May 7, in regard to a stolen vehicle. The person that called the police said he saw a Toyota Tacoma that had been reported stolen from a local dealership.

    When Valdez arrived, he saw the truck driving north on Calle Chamisal, approaching the intersection with Calle Hacienda. He got closer to get a better look and saw it was a Toyota Tacoma.

    He got behind the vehicle and ran the license plate number, which came back to a silver Dodge. Valdez then attempted to pull the truck over, but the driver, Ryan Gallegos, 31, of Medanales, refused to stop. Gallegos pulled into the Food King parking lot but still wouldn’t stop.

    “I gave the driver, later identified as Mr. Ryan Gallegos approximately two verbal directives to stop the vehicle over my PA system,” Valdez wrote in his incident report. “Assisting units, Sergeant Dustin Chavez, Officer Marcos Gallegos, and Officer Anthony Martinez arrived in the area at which point the vehicle finally came to a stop.”

    Valdez told Ryan Gallegos to keep his hands visible, turn off the truck and get out of it, slowly. He complied and was handcuffed.

    Sgt. Chavez ran the vehicle identification number through Central Dispatch, where it came back as stolen.

    When Valdez asked Ryan Gallegos how he came to be in possession of a stolen truck, he told the officer that “he bought it from an unknown individual for $3,000.00,” Valdez wrote. “Ryan told me the exchange of money for the vehicle occurred at 1313 N. Paseo de Oñate (Speedway). Ryan stated he did not know the name of the male or any monikers he may go by. Ryan was unsure where the male could be located.”

    When Valdez searched the truck, he found a glass pipe commonly used to smoke methamphetamine. He also found paperwork belonging to Ryan Gallegos throughout the truck, but no documentation indicating that he had purchased the vehicle, such as a title or bill of sale.

    Ryan Gallegos was placed in Detention Officer Miguel Tapia’s unit for transport. While awaiting transport, he broke a piece of the cage, got stuck and was unable to move.

    “Upon arriving at the Española Holding Facility, I asked Ryan what the reason was behind his actions,” Valdez wrote. “Ryan informed me he was in fact trying to exit the vehicle because he was ‘claustrophobic.’”

    The truck was released to Borrego. In addition to the charge for receiving or transferring a stolen motor vehicle, Gallegos was also charged with escape or attempt to escape from the custody of a peace officer, a fourth-degree felony; possession of drug paraphernalia and criminal damage to property (under $1,000), a petty misdemeanor. He was scheduled to appear before Judge Joseph Madrid on June 9, in Española Magistrate Court.

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