An El Llano family’s Thanksgiving celebration was violently interrupted when Fabian Garcia, 30, allegedly crashed his truck into the family’s front yard.

    Española Police Department Officer Ladislas Szabo responded to the family’s E-911 call at about 4:30 p.m. to find a truck in the front yard, situated on its side. The accident took place at the intersection of El Llano Road and East Shadowood Lane.

    “On my way (to the call) I was advised by dispatch the vehicle had roll (sic) over on its side, the driver had escaped and had fled the scene of the accident on foot,” Szabo wrote in his incident report.

    However, Garcia did not get far. Witnesses at the scene reported several men came out of the house, with at least one gun and chased Garcia down West Shadowood Lane. They caught up with him quickly and walked him back to the crash.

    One witness reported Garcia discouraged the men from taking him back to his truck stating police would locate him soon enough through his vehicle registration.

    Edgar Gallegos, 35, surrendered Garcia to Szabo, who placed him in handcuffs and read him his Miranda right to remain silent.

    Szabo wrote Garcia was treated on the scene for scrapes and bruises but was otherwise OK.

    “I observed multiple bleeding lacerations on the driver’s hands and arms as he was being surrendered to me by Mr. Gallegos,” Szabo wrote.

    Garcia told Szabo he was driving his truck north on El Llano Road at a high rate of speed approaching the intersection of El Llano Road and East Shadowood Lane. He lost control as he entered the slight curve near the intersection.

    Garcia told Szabo when he climbed out of the truck a woman who was on the porch at the moment of impact chased him away with a shovel.

    “This incident was corroborated by the shovel-wielding woman, Ms. Dolores Sanchez, who witnessed the crash and who admitted chasing Mr. Garcia away from her residence with a shovel,” Szabo wrote.

    Garcia was arrested on the scene and cited for driving on a revoked license, leaving the scene of an accident and driving without insurance, all misdemeanors.

    Szabo states the truck was damaged beyond repair and was towed. He estimated the damage to the house to be approximately $40,000.

    “It is unknown at this time if the foundations of the house were compromised,” he wrote.

    Garcia’s name does not come up in a District Court filing check.

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