A Dec. 19 E-911 call regarding a vehicle with its motor running near Holy Cross Church resulted in an Espanola Police Department officer finding Saul Martinez dead inside the car, the victim of a shooting.

    Officer Cody Lattin responded to the 8:12 p.m. call, approaching the vehicle on Holy Creoss Street from the west. He found a black Mercedes C23 in the eastbound lane, facing east. The car was running and its head lights were on.

    Lattin spotlighted the vehicle and saw no one at the wheel. He activated his emergency lights and turned around to park behind the Mercedes.

    As he walked up to the car he saw a hole in the driver’s side window, which he believed was caused by a bullet. Looking through the windshield he saw a man slumped over, his head lying on the passenger seat. The man was later identified as Martinez, 30, of Phoenix, Ariz.

    Lattin opened the door and states in his incident report there was a large amount of blood in the driver’s seat. He called for an ambulance and checked for signs of life. Lattin described the man as resting almost across the front seat with his knees pulled toward his chest. The single bullet wound appeared to have entered on the right side of Martinez’s chest and exited under his left armpit.

    Medics arrived on the scene and removed Martinez from the car and attempted life-saving measures briefly. They told Lattin that Martinez was dead and Lattin began photographing the scene. He states he found blood on the driver’s and passenger’s side outside door handles as well as throughout the car.

    The scene was turned over to Det. Byron Abeyta. His report was not provided by City Police.

    Lattin states there are other supplemental reports and that there are no suspects at the time of his writing.

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