Española City Police officers responded Sept. 24 to a report of a man shot in the head in the area of Calle del Sol and Pajarito.

    Officer Isaiah Anaya’s preliminary report states he arrived on scene at 3:08 p.m., to find a man later identified as Gary Medina, 37, Alcalde, lying in the road. Medina was awake but could not speak to Anaya.

    E-911 traffic states witnesses told officers a young man driving a black Mazda 6 with a black custom paint job was seen leaving the area.

    Shannon Vigil was a witness to the shooting She did not return multiple calls.

    A witness listed as “Octavio” only said Sunday he could not speak at the time and did not return messages left Monday.

    At 4:23 p.m., Sept. 24 a Rio Arriba County deputy called dispatch requesting a City Police officer meet him because he had two men who had information on the shooting. The two men went to the police station and were interviewed. That information has not yet been provided. A request is pending with the city police records custodian.

    The incident report did not state Medina’s condition, nor how or where he was transported.

    A woman at Santa Clara Apartments notified police at noon, Sept. 27, “The male involved in Pajarito shooting is at the apartments.” She gave a description and told dispatchers he was driving away from the apartments in a white Toyota Camry with Colorado license plates.

    She alleged the man had been at the apartments selling stolen clothes.

    Officer de Valdez told dispatch he conducted a high risk stop at Rock Christian Church and had two men in custody. They were taken to the Police Station for questioning.

    City police have provided no further information.

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