Friday’s (8/13) priority will be the Thursday Red Route(side roads in Ranchitos, McCurdy Road north of Fairview Lane, & El Llano north of the high school). Crews will also finish the Thursday Blue Route (Alcalde/ Velarde: 60 percent complete), and the Thursday Yellow Route( 5 roads left in Alcalde). They will attempt to finish the Purple route (side roads in Velarde, Lyden & Alcalde) and attempt to pick up SR 76 in Chimayo (Tuesday Blue Route), HWY 285 (Wednesday Grey : Shadow Mountain to Ojo Caliente), HWY 84 from Chili to Abiquiú (Wednesday Blue/ Grey Route).

    The Authority bought two used poly cart trucks from Los Alamos and these two are now on the road. A third poly cart truck is also on the road, but is “limping along.”

    Authority route supervisor Leonard Vigil said they will use the truck as long as it holds, but service from it will be restricted. A fourth poly cart truck was repaired, but it broke down on the way back to Española and is now again out of service.

    Poly cart trucks five and six are both still in the shop.

    As we work to get back into full service, the plan remains the same:

    • A missed area one week, will be a priority the following week. This is the best way to ensure all customers are treated fairly;

    • A missed area one week, crews will pick up all bagged trash the following week. Pile all bagged trash on top and/or around your poly cart and crews will take it.

    • All customers may take their household trash to the Alcalde Transfer Station, or the El Prado or Córdova Convenience Center free of charge.

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