Ranchitos pool

The city of Española spent over $143,000 replastering and replacing tile on the Ranchitos Pool. It will be ready for swimmers as soon as the virus allows.

   The City of Española paid $143,056.73 in 2020 to Lee-Sure Pools of Albuquerque for various improvements on the Ranchitos Pool for work which was completed in late spring of 2020.

    The city issued a request for proposals in early August of 2018 with a broad scope of work, including restoring the children’s pool, retiling and plastering the main pool and making security improvements.

    The capital outlay budget for the 2018 fiscal year allowed for a narrower scope of work which only included retiling and replastering. Additionally, the surge tank was completely rewaterproofed to stop leaks.

    The city received two quotes for the work, one from Lee-Sure Pools for the paid amount and another from Poolside Design and Construction, LLC of Albuquerque for a lower price of $112,660. An evaluation committee consisting of General Services Director Jeff Sargent, Deputy City Clerk Angelica Serrano and Water Operations Supervisor Christopher Marquez, selected Lee-Sure Pools based on a scoring system that awarded the company higher points for its experience, employee qualifications and professional references.

    The company was allowed to begin work Aug. 26, 2019. According to City Manager Xavier Martinez, the work was completed in a timely manner but the pandemic prevented the public from enjoying the final results.

    “They finished it right around late spring,” Martinez said. “So if it wouldn’t have been for the pandemic, would have opened up for Memorial day 2020. But because of the pandemic and the whole thing we opted just to not open that. But all that work got completed, the whole replastering of the whole pool got done.”

    The work of replastering should be done every 10 years or so, Martinez said.

    “We got the pool at the Lucero Center replastered and everything in 2017, 2018. And so now we did this one, we’re on board for the next 10 years for both to be up to standard,” he said.

    The pool has been plagued for years by leaks which had to be patched every spring.

    “We were band-aiding the outside pool, primarily, because there were some leaks, a lot of the old plaster was trying to bubble up,” Martinez said. “And so every, every spring, before opening, we’d have a contractor come up and do a bandage job and, and address certain trouble spots in the plaster. And it would just be more and more common and the spots were getting bigger and bigger. So when we were able to get this capital outlay, we decided to get everything done.”

    The adjacent kiddie pool, which has been out of commission for several years, was not able to be covered in the funding.

    “We were looking at bringing that back, but when we start getting quotes, it went a little bit above our means, so we put the kiddie pool aside just left it alone and focused on the main pool,” Martinez said.

    Additional capital outlay funding could be in the works to fix the kiddie pool and make security improvements to the aquatic center. Martinez hopes that the pandemic will come under control at some point this year for the pool to be opened to the public.

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