Hunter street

A car navigates the field of potholes on Hunter Street. The Española School District houses its buses just beyond where the car is turning.

   Española Streets Department employees have identified a total of 123 streets in Española as needing repairs.

    Eleven were the worst streets identified as “High Importance”: West Bond Street, West and East Granada, Calle Algodones, Hunter Street, Camino Miramontes, Carr Lane, Star Lane, Star Lighter Lane, East Pueblo and North McCurdy Road.

    Streets Supervisor Elijah Mares said streets classified as “high importance” are roads in extremely poor condition that may be considered dangerous or throughways that are high traffic areas.

    “Obviously a road with one house, you know we are going to keep it in a safe manner, but it is going to be a little lower priority than a street that has 5,000 cars going down on it,” Mares said.

    He said they rated streets as real high importance, important, needing repairs, least important and recent work done.

    Mares said the Streets Survey of Roads and their conditions took four to five days to complete.

    He said members of the Streets Department drove around together and did a physical survey of the roads.

    Streets were measured, given a condition report, possible solution and rated, he said.

    Mares is focused on reconstructing the roadway on Camino Miramontes, a  neighborhood of 37 homes just north of where U.S. Highway 285 meets the city’s central business district.

    The road project is the number two priority on the city government’s Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan, second only to a $3 million water utility upgrade beneath the highway.

    The project is a rehabilitation of the roadway needed because of a high water table just beneath the property.

    The subdivision, built in part of the bosque that once held two different theaters, has had past complaints from homeowners forced to install pumps to keep up with seeping groundwater.

    The road is full of sinkholes, potholes, cracks and the whole road is uneven, Public Works Director Steven Trujillo said. He said the residents have been waiting 10 years for this project.

    The $1.19 million project could see further changes in price if issues come up like easements or drainage, Mares said. The city’s Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan.

    The project is expected to be complete this fiscal year, according to the city’s Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan.

    However, it is more likely to be at least six to eight months away from completion, Grants Manager Diahann Jacquez said. In other words, not until next spring.

    City officials still do not have design work complete on the project, Mares said.

    Construction involves removing soil from the ground and removing water from the area before bringing in new soil to compact this into layers. These layers will be done to make the road stable. He said it is kind of like putting down the black mat to prevent weeds from coming through.

    Thirty-five streets were considered to be in good condition but recommended repairs such as sealing cracks in the roadway.

    Eleven streets were categorized as “least important.” Most of these streets were classified as “good condition” but small items were recommended such as striping.

    These streets include Spruce Street, Calle Don Diego, South Don Diego, School Street, Industrial Park Road, Calle de Pajarito, North Prince Drive, West Pueblo, Camino Cielo Grande, Silky Way, and Vista del Rio Subdivison.

    There are two streets that were recognized as recent work done. These streets include Calle De Alamo and Thorton Lane.

    Mares said does not have a timeline on when the streets will be repaired, and that it all depends on funding.

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