Española City Police Officer Dustin Chavez responded to an armed robbery call Sept. 11 originating from the T-Mobile store on North Riverside Drive.

    Chavez met with T-Mobile employee Angel Rodriguez while other officers and State Police searched the area around Food King and North Monterey Lane for the suspect.

    Another man was working with Rodriguez but his name was not known to Chavez and is not included in the draft report.

    In his draft report Chavez wrote Rodriguez said a man wearing jeans and a black hat entered the store, approached Rodriguez’s work station, pulled out a handgun, pointed it at him and said in a calm voice, “Give me your cell phone.”

    Rodriguez complied. The suspect then grabbed $980 from Rodriguez’s desk.

    He then ordered Rodriguez to the back storage to “find more money.” Once in the back, the suspect walked to a large, blue tool box where more money was hidden.

    Rodriguez states in the report that’s where money ready to be deposited is kept. Between that money and the money from Rodriguez’s desk, the suspect took $1,851.

    The robber then told Rodriguez he would put his phone outside on the wall. However, if Rodriguez called the police he states, “I will come back and kill you.”

    Rodriguez notified management in Texas and called 911.

    Chavez was able to view surveillance on Rodriguez’s cell phone but it was too small to see details. Because of the positions of the cameras in the retail area of the store, Chavez states he could not see what happened in the storage room.

    Det. Zach Wright is investigating the robbery.

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