Española Police Department Officer Derrick Valdez responded to an Oct. 29 E-911 call from Brown Street, off South McCurdy Road in regard to a man being shot.

    Valdez writes in his draft incident report he arrived at the location at about 1:07 p.m. and was waved down by a man on the street. He immediately saw Raynel Garcia, 17, Española on the ground bleeding from his head.

    Garcia was in and out of consciousness. However, he was able to tell Valdez his name and date of birth.

    Garcia told Valdez he gave someone a ride and that person tried to carjack him. Garcia was shot in the altercation.

    Medics arrived and transported Garcia to the Española Hospital Emergency Room.

    Valdez secured the scene and Officer Anthony Martinez took photographs.

    Valdez then spoke with Samuel Dominguez-Gallegos who told Valdez he was Garcia’s friend.

    Dominguez-Gallegos said Garcia arrived at his home and was bleeding profusely. Dominguez-Gallegos tried to put Garcia in his car but Garcia collapsed while Dominguez-Gallegos went inside to get plastic bags to cover the seats of his car.

    Dominguez-Gallegos went back inside and called 911. He remained with him until law enforcement arrived, trying to keep him conscious.

    Dominguez-Gallegos said he knew Garcia carried a gun but did not know of any sort of conflicts Garcia may have had with anyone.

    Garcia’s car was towed for evidence. Det. Zack Wright is investigating the shooting. Garcia’s condition is not known, nor in which hospital he may still be.

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That's a good friend.... He worries more about getting plastic for his seats than taking him to the hospital


That was my first thought. If that was me friend or even a stranger I would not leave them for even a second. Maybe to call for an ambulance but not to get plastic bags for my seats. But that’s just me. His age isn’t mentioned and a kid would do what he did and the article doesn’t say how close of a friend he is. Obviously, not a very good one.

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