During the Oct. 27 meeting of the Española Planning and Land Use Committee, Director Richard Hubler presented a brief update on the city’s Clean and Lien program.

    The program, established in 2018, identifies nuisance properties in the city that require clean-up or demolition. The city currently lists 17 properties on its list, seven of which have completed the demolition process and three others which are in the process of abatement.

    The city processes the properties in batches and requests proposals from demolition contractors for a handful of properties at a time, based on condition and urgency. The first batch of four properties includes 750 N. Monterey Lane, 2227 N. McCurdy Road, 1015 W. Bond Street and 718 and 800 Fairview, all of which have been demolished and are considered complete.

    Additionally, three properties from the second batch have now completed demolition: 1008 Calle Vigil, 803 S. Riverside Drive and 2004 N. McCurdy Road. A fourth property from that batch, 506 E. Chamisa, requires around $100,000 of asbestos abatement, which is currently outside the city’s budget. If more funds become available, the city will move forward with the demolition.

    The city has started the process to demolish two new properties: 901 Calle Quintana, which suffered a structure fire earlier this year, and 804 A and B, State Road 76. Hubler explained that the city has received the requests from contractors and has awarded contracts for asbestos abatement in those two properties, with demolition beginning in the next few weeks.

    An additional seven properties remain on the city’s list for monitoring: 601 Old Hospital Road, 1003 A and B Calle Lopez, 906 E. Pueblo, 101 N. Riverside Drive, 117 S. Coronado Road, 2119 A and B N. Riverside Drive, and 312 Carr Lane. No action has yet been taken on these properties, but demolition is recommended for 601 Old Hospital Road. The city continues to work with property owners to abate and re-develop the nuisance properties.

    City Council then voted to renew the Clean and Lien program, with these 17 properties. Another update is expected from the Planning and Land Use Department at the Jan. 26 city council meeting.

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