A 27-year-old man was arrested in the Walmart parking lot, Nov. 24, after Española city police conducted a welfare check on a man slumped over in a car, with foggy windows.

Officer Adrian Martinez found the car and noticed it was still running, despite the man in the driver’s seat being slumped over. He alerted dispatch that he found the car and had them run the license plate. A dispatcher discovered the car was reported stolen out of Santa Fe and alerted Martinez. The officer then pulled up behind the car, to ensure the driver would not try to flee, since other cars were blocking the stolen Hyundai.

Officer Dustin Chavez arrived a short time later, to help. Martinez got out of his car and knocked on the window. A man, later identified as Jesse Martinez, of Santa Fe, was the only person in the car. Adrian Martinez asked him to shut off the car and get out. After some hesitation, he complied. 

Adrian Martinez handcuffed him, read the man his Miranda Rights and told him he was being detained because the car was stolen. 

Jesse Martinez refused to speak and remained silent.

The officers locked the car and left it in the parking lot, then transported Jesse Martinez to the Española Hospital for a medical clearance, before they booked him.

Later that afternoon, Adrian Martinez spoke with the owner of the car, David Aldana-Lopez, and gave him the keys to the car. The officer took an inventory of the vehicle and found two backpacks inside, which Aldana-Lopez said were not his. 

He asked the man if he wanted him to go through the bags and he said yes.

“As I was going through one of the red bags, I located a Sig Saur P238 380 caliber pistol with the serial # 27B289683 which had one round of ammunition in the chamber and 6 others in the magazine,” Adrian Martinez wrote in his incident report.

When he ran the gun through dispatch, it did not come back as stolen. When Aldana-Lopez checked the glove compartment for the car’s registration, he found a clear plastic baggy with a clear crystal shard-like substance. Adrian Martinez concluded the inventory and took the backpacks and gun with him, then turned over the car to Aldana-Lopez.

When he got back to the Española Police Department, Adrian Martinez field tested the clear shard-like substance and it tested positive for methamphetamine. While he was going through the bags, he also found a heart-shaped container with white powder inside. When he field tested that, it came back positive for cocaine.

He asked Central Dispatch to run a complete Interstate Identifications Index on Jesse Martinez and learned he was charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm or destructive device, in a previous incident.

According to an online court records search, Jesse Martinez was charged with one count each of receiving or transferring a stolen motor vehicle (first offense), receipt, transportation or possession of a firearm or destructive device by certain person and two counts of possession of a controlled substance.

He has a status hearing scheduled for Jan. 12, before Judge Alexandra Naranjo in Española Magistrate Court.

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