An unidentified man got away after beating an employee at Allsup’s and hitting a good Samaritan with his car, as he and a woman fled the scene.

Allsup’s employee Sonja Hinz was working on Oct. 8, when she saw a man get out of a silver Ford car at pump number two and try to use a credit card. She told responding Española Police Sgt. Dustin Chavez, that she thought the man looked suspicious, so she walked to the car and asked them to leave. However, instead of complying with her request, a woman jumped out of the car and confronted her in an angry manner.

“Moments later, the male suspect ran to Ms. Hines (sic) and began to punch her,” Chavez wrote in his incident report. 

A bystander, identified as Anthony Martinez, 43, of Santa Fe, saw what was happening and ran over to break up the fight between the man and Hinz. The man beating Hinz and the woman who had confronted her, both got into the Ford in an attempt to flee. Martinez said he tried to get the license plate number on the car and instead, the man took off, hitting him with the car and sent him flying in the air, before landing on his side.

Chavez wrote that there is no video surveillance footage of the incident and no vehicle description other than it was a silver Ford passenger car.

“Both victims were check (sic) by EMS and were cleared,” he wrote. “I requested other officer (sic) to be on the look out for a silver in color car that had front end damage. Suspects were never found.”

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