SUV in bushes

Andronico Gurule's white SUV sits in the bushes Aug. 5 after he tried to evade State Police, eventually backing into the landscaping in front of Guadalupe Credit Union. 

   Three New Mexico State Police officers chased a Chili man Aug. 5 from U.S. Highway 84/285 through Santa Cruz, eventually stopping his vehicle using three Police Intervention Techniques or “pit maneuvers,” and “vehicle-to-vehicle contact.”

    Officer Emmanuel Rodriguez had visited the home of Andronico Gurule, 38, earlier in the day. He was a suspect in “multiple active cases and had multiple felony warrants,” according to Rodriguez’s incident report.

    Gurule was not found at his residence but Rodriguez was familiar with his face. When patrolling later in the afternoon, he spotted Gurule in a distinctive white SUV with green bumpers.

    He began to follow the SUV at about 4:30 p.m. to assess whether Gurule was in fact in the vehicle. Once Rodriguez determined Gurule was driving, he called Officer Estevan Trujillo to assist.

    Rodriguez states in his report he followed Gurule down State Road 76, onto South McCurdy and east until Gurule turned onto Avenida Cañada. He did not want to conduct a traffic stop until he had backup because of previous State Police experiences trying to apprehend Gurule.

    He also contacted Officer Joshua Martinez to assist.

    “I did not immediately initiate a traffic stop due to his violent fleeing tendencies and waited for additional units,” Rodriguez wrote.

    However, once Gurule pulled into a driveway on Avenida Cañada, three people jumped out of the back seat and ran. Gurule took off in the SUV.

    Trujillo and Martinez were in their units on El Llano Road and all three officers state in their individual reports they activated their emergency equipment and pursued Gurule toward McCurdy Road and on to SR 76.

    Gurule spilled out of SR 76 onto North Riverside Drive, where Rodriguez attempted his first PIT maneuver, which was unsuccessful. The second attempt spun Gurule from the southbound lane, into the northbound lane near Desert Sun Motors.

    There Gurule began driving in reverse to evade the officers and two of them made “vehicle-to-vehicle contact.”

    That stopped Gurule momentarily but he turned into the parking lot at Guadalupe Credit Union and Rodriguez again pushed him with his patrol unit. Gurule then backed his SUV into a bush, jumped out and ran across the street.

    Rodriguez and Martinez chased Gurule across Riverside Drive and Rodriguez, “executed an impact take down in the Allsups parking lot.” Gurule was  then shackled.

    During a pat down, Rodriguez wrote he found three orange pills which he placed on his patrol unit’s hood. Trujillo then saw Gurule lean over the hood and try to eat the pills but Rodriguez stopped him.

    Gurule suffered some scrapes and bruises in the takedown, but otherwise was unhurt. He was cleared through the Española Hospital Emergency Room, processed and transported to the Santa Fe Adult Detention Facility.

    Gurule was charged with aggravated fleeing a law enforcement officer, a felony; distribution/possession with intent to distribute controlled substances, a felony; tampering with evidence, a felony and resisting, evading or obstructing an officer, a misdemeanor.

    Gurule has a variety of 31 felony and misdemeanor cases reaching back to 1997 that are closed. The only pending case in District Court is a February 2020 driving on a revoked or suspended license charge.

    He is due to appear in front of District Court Judge Jason Lidyard Sept. 18 for arraignment.

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And some people want to defund the police. If the judges did there job criminals like this would be locked up. good job Staters.

American Patriot

@PJROMERO Exactly!!! Play stupid games win stupid prizes!! People act as if LEO are just bored going out of their way to harass people. Great job NMSP!! Now if we can only get competent enough judges to do their jobs correctly!

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