High centered pickup

Two separate calls to E-911 reported this driver as erratic, just a minute before he lost control and drove his truck up on the eastbound guardrail of the Fairview Bridge. A tow truck took the truck off the guardrail and the owner retrieved it about an hour later. There was no information regarding whether the driver was cited.

    The police blotter is published to give readers an abridged look at criminal activity in their community and neighborhood. It is simply an illustration of what local law enforcement, funded by taxpayers, must deal with daily throughout the Española Valley.

    Española Police officers, Ohkay Owingeh Tribal Police, Rio Arriba County Sheriff’s deputies or State Police responded to the following calls:


Plowed in

Dec. 13

    12:08 a.m. A New Mexico State Police officer requested an ambulance be dispatched to Distric 5 office in Tierra Amarilla for a man who had stood outside the office for several hours wearing a shirt and jeans.

    12:26 a.m. A State Road 76 caller requested police in case something happens because his dog was barking. The call was transferred to State Police.

    6:26 a.m. A Truchas caller reported a man unresponsive and barely breathing. His girlfriend started CPR. Medics arrived, continued CPR but notified Office of Medical Investigators who declared the man dead at 9:58 a.m.

    11:40 a.m. A woman near Canjilon reported a rollover accident off of U.S. Highway 84. The driver was brought up to the highway by litter and airlifted to an undisclosed hospital.

    12:12 p.m. A Truchas caller reported a 4-year-old boy came to her door with no shoes. An hour later a woman came to the caller’s door and was looking for her son. It was not clear if the caller would not release the son, awaiting law enforcement but the mother called 911 reporting her son was kidnapped. Dispatch logs don’t show a conclusion to the call. A request for the incident report is pending.

    12:16 p.m. A Taco Bell employee reported being attacked by a customer because her order was wrong.

    2:29 p.m. A Rio Arriba County Sheriff’s Office deputy reported finding a truck on Monastery Road in Abiquiú. No person was with the vehicle but a dog was. Dispatch tried contacting the owner through the plate but could not find anyone.

    2:50 p.m. A Pine Avenue in Chama caller reported he could not get out of his driveway because the Village snow plow “plowed him in.”

    4:33 p.m. A North Riverside Drive caller reported he went to his girlfriend’s work to get his children and the owner punched him in the face.

    6:58 p.m. An Española Police Department officer checked with the owner of a van parked at Valdez Park for two days. The owner said if he couldn’t get it started he would have it towed.

    8:11 p.m. A deputy on North Riverside Drive reported a stolen Kia almost ran him off the road. State Police was advised as the Kia headed north.

    8:37 p.m. A Medanales caller reported her neighbor was beat up by her boyfriend. Deputies arrested the man and the woman was transported to the Española Hospital Emergency Room.

    9:57 p.m. An officer attempted a traffic stop on a silver Nissan Ultima on Santa Clara Bridge Road. The car fled toward Santa Clara. Tribal Police were alerted.

    10:08 p.m. A truck driver at the Chama Speedway reported one of her tires caught fire and she put it out with a portable fire extinguisher. She wanted a Chama Volunteer firefighter to make sure it was out.

    10:58 p.m. A woman reported a suspicious vehicle parked by the post office on Industrial Park Road. An officer spoke with the occupant of the car with no license plate. The driver was a felon and had a handgun. He was arrested.

Pain in the neck

Dec. 14

    12:44 a.m. A Jiron Street caller reported a man was shot in the neck by a woman standing in her yard. The man’s girlfriend took him to the hospital. The alleged shooter was arrested.

    4:01 a.m. An officer stopped a woman on Calle Lucia and State Road 76. She was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

    4:33 a.m. A woman reported a vehicle on fire in Guachupangue. Santa Clara Volunteer firefighters and Santa Clara Tribal Police responded.

    9:24 a.m. A County Road 341 in Los Ojos caller reported he found his son dead. Office of Medical Investigators was notified.

    9:42 a.m. A McCurdy Charter School caller reported someone logged into a Zoom class and displayed nude photos to the students.

    11:15 a.m. A Velarde caller reported a trailer on fire. Several volunteer fire departments responded and got the fire under control. The source was a water heater.

    2:09 p.m. A woman reported she hit a dog near the Rio Chama Chevron and her vehicle was not driveable.

    2:39 p.m. A man went to the Sheriff’s Office to report a stolen gun.

    5:35 p.m. A Brazos Canyon caller reported the old sawmill was on fire. It was a small fire and contained quickly.

    7:11 p.m. A Roman Drive caller reported a man overdosing. He was given two doses of Narcan and was transported to the emergency room.

    9:49 p.m. A U.S. Highway 84 caller reported he went off the road in his pickup pulling a trailer. Pagosa Springs dispatch took the call.


Early Christmas

Dec. 15

    12:31 a.m. An officer conducted a traffic stop on North Riverside Drive. A minor was released to his parents.

    2:44 a.m. A Pine Avenue in Chama caller reported a man with a gun and an ax was walking down the street. The man was allegedly throwing things at the caller’s house. The call was transferred to State Police.

    5:17 a.m. A McCurdy Road caller reported a car upside down. Medics were dispatched but police canceled due to “lack of patients.” The vehicle was towed.

    7:48 a.m. A Calle del Rio caller reported his 2011 white Dodge Charger was stolen.

    9:27 a.m. A Chacoma Lane caller reported her debit card was stolen from her house and someone withdrew $4,000 from her account.

    9:43 a.m. A caller wanted a child in Las Lomas Apartments checked because she had not attended school online for a few days because she was hospitalized due to an incident with her mother.

    10:40 a.m. The man whose Charger was stolen requested police help him review surveillance at Allsups where the car thief used the owner’s ATM card.

    11:04 a.m. An Ohkay Casino caller reported a man with a knife tried to steal his truck. Security had the thief, who was arrested by deputies.

    2:07 p.m. A caller reported a semi-truck struck a pole on North Riverside Drive and wires were hanging from the pole. The semi fled the scene. The truck was stopped south of Española.

    2:20 p.m. Someone reported they found a revolver in a vacant office, but the dispatch log did not state where.

    3:15 p.m. A Calle Lopez caller reported his neighbor stole his antenna.

    4:57 p.m. A Milagro Village caller reported his neighbor was not home and when FedEx delivered packages, children came from another trailer, took the packages and opened them. The caller chased the children and made them take the packages back. Officers spoke to the children’s parents.

    5:52 p.m. A deputy was flagged down by an El Rito man who said he had surveillance of someone stealing wood from the church.

    6:49 p.m. A deputy reported he would be assisting Ohkay Owingeh with an unattended death investigation.

    7:11 p.m. A Pinion Drive in Chama caller reported her boyfriend was drunk and shooting the ceiling. Several neighbors reported shots fired. Deputies set up a perimeter. Neighbors reported the man came out several times. The dispatch log is not clear regarding how deputies got the woman out of the house. She stayed at a neighbor’s house. The alleged shooter fell asleep about 9 p.m. A request for the incident report is pending with the Sheriff’s Office.

    8:08 p.m. A Chama Riverbend caller reported a man intentionally took about 13 Ambien. He was transported to the Española Hospital Emergency Room.


Repoed, not stolen

Dec. 16

    1:23 a.m. An officer attempted a traffic stop on a gold Nissan. The driver tried to hit the officer’s patrol unit. A chase ensued toward Chimayó reaching speeds up to 75 mph. The officer terminated the pursuit past Family Dollar in Chimayó.

    8:29 a.m.  A deputy went to the residence in the 7:11 p.m., Dec. 15 call to serve a warrant. The man was arrested and transported to St. Vincent’s Hospital in Santa Fe.

    9:12 a.m. A Hernandez caller reported her vehicle was stolen from her driveway. Police found the vehicle had been repossessed for missed payments.

    10:01 a.m. Someone found a suicide note with the abandoned blue GMC pickup on Forest Road 151 near the Monastery Dec. 13. (see story page A5) Family in Nevada was informed. State Police contacted Search and Rescue.

    12:35 p.m. A County Road 1 caller reported a woman was threatening her and “she’s out for blood.” Dispatch reported there was a pending death investigation against the threatening woman.

    2:09 p.m. A Calle Cristobal caller reported someone stole his vehicle, a trailer and titles. He located the vehicle in Hernandez, where it was being taken apart. An officer found out the caller had sold them to the woman six months prior.

    2:11 p.m. An Ohkay Owingeh caller said he got home to find his car was stolen.

    4:25 p.m. An officer conducted a traffic stop and arrested the driver for DWI.

    4:30 p.m. A La Mesilla caller reported for a second time packages were stolen from his neighbor’s mailbox.

    5:09 p.m. A North Railroad Avenue caller reported a man with about six two-by-fours behind the Rio Grande SUN. He feared the man was going to burn them.

    7:58 p.m. A Motel 6 caller reported several men trying to get into rooms from the window. An officer found nothing suspicious.

    11:02 p.m. A Hernandez caller reported he was being held hostage. State Police took the call. One man was transported to the emergency room.

    11:43 p.m. An officer conducted a traffic stop on Rincon de Estrella. One of the occupants had an outstanding warrant but would not be medically cleared for jail. All occupants were released.

Guilty conscience

Dec. 17

    12:51 a.m. A Sunset Drive caller reported a brother and sister were fighting. The sister was transported to the emergency room and the brother said he would not file charges against her.

    2:11 a.m. Santa Clara Tribal Police officers reported two women fighting on the casino floor who are non-tribal. Officers were going to review surveillance. No one was charged.

    9:02 a.m. A McCurdy Charter School security guard reported two people passed out in a Jeep Grand Cherokee on Camino Arbolera. One man was arrested.

    10:21 a.m. A Hernandez woman reported all her livestock was killed.

    10:24 a.m. A caller at Lowe’s Supermarket in Chama reported a man in a red Chevy Silverado backed into her car, causing serious damage, and left. She knew who the driver was.

    12:38 p.m. A man calling from in front of Subway Sandwiches said he got a call from Del Norte Credit Union regarding a check he deposited from Amazon and he wanted to turn himself in. Officers could not locate the man.

    1:44 p.m. A search and rescue commander reported they had a photo of the man driving the abandoned pickup on Forest Road 151 Dec. 13. He wanted someone to take the photo to the monastery to ask if they’ve seen him.

    4:11 p.m. A Dixon caller reported her niece was in the caller’s trailer. A deputy advised the niece was very drunk and requested an ambulance. She refused transport and was arrested.

    6:02 p.m. A Speedway Gas Station employee reported a man they would not sell beer to was asking people to buy beer for him.

    8:01 p.m. A man in the Mariscos la Playa parking lot reported his tools were stolen from the back of his truck.

    8:18 p.m. A man in the Santa Claran Casino parking reported a woman overdosing in a car. An officer administered one dose of Narcan and the woman was OK. She was Santa Claran so officers left.

    8:32 p.m. An Alcalde caller reported her ex-boyfriend tried to kill her and her friend but she would not give any information or talk to officers.

    9:50 p.m. A JGN Lane caller reported her boyfriend was not breathing and pale. Officers and medics responded but the man was dead. Office of Medical Investigators was called.

Angry burglar

Dec. 18

    2:45 a.m. A White Swan Road caller reported someone tried to cross the arroyo and was stuck.

    6:40 a.m. A Hernandez caller reported two dogs killed all her sheep.

    7:45 a.m. A Pinch Penny employee reported someone broke into the laundromat and was still there, yelling at him. Police arrested the woman.

    7:54 a.m. Deputies went to the quarry on County Road 57 to qualify on their weapons.

    10:30 a.m. A Laguna Street caller reported someone set up their trailer in his neighbor’s field and the neighbor is in the hospital. Officers advised it was a civil matter.

    11:56 a.m. A County Road 42 caller reported a lot of shooting across the Rio Grande and she feared for herself and animals. Deputies advised that was where they were shooting for qualification.

    2:32 p.m. A Family Dollar in Hernandez caller reported when he started investigating an employee for embezzlement, she stopped coming to work.

    6:55 p.m. An officer conducted a traffic stop on a truck on North Riverside Drive. Santa Clara Tribal cited the driver.

    7:56 p.m. A Domino’s Pizza manager reported his driver was assaulted on Paseo de Paulina when he pulled over to call a customer. He was not robbed and officers were talking to neighbors.

    8:09 p.m. A man by Holy Cross Church reported a vehicle with a broken tail light and no trunk was behind the church. An officer located the vehicle and found an unconscious man who had been shot. The man died at the scene.

    9:23 p.m. The rear employee entrance alarm at the Española Post Office was activated for the third consecutive night. The alarm company would not give the keyholder’s information to officers.

Bag of drugs

Dec. 19

    12:44 a.m. A Hernandez caller said she was calling for a woman who could not get to her phone and was concerned her husband had psychiatric and drug abuse issues. Police decided to go to the house in the morning when it would be less dangerous.

    2:26 a.m. An El Guique Road caller reported men in her yard trying to fight her son. Deputies looked for a vehicle that passed the yard, shot twice and then left.

    7:42 a.m. An Española Hospital caller reported a man left the emergency room with an IV still in his arm. Police could not locate the man.

    10:01 a.m. A Dixon woman was moving out of a house and wanted an officer to “take note of her room.”

    10:02 a.m. Deputies returned to the Hernandez home to take a man with a psychiatric hold to the hospital. He ran out the back door and deputies could not get to the house because of several pitbulls.

    1:17 p.m. The caller whose white Dodge Charger was stolen found in on County Road 3 in Guachupangue. A Santa Clara Tribal police officer said the vehicle was not there.

    1:28 p.m. A Center Market caller reported he found a bag of drugs and wanted to give it to law enforcement. The drugs were collected for field testing.

    3:01 p.m. A caller on 31-mile Road reported finding a blue Toyota off an embankment flipped upside down. Deputies found no one in the truck, which was towed.

    7:22 p.m. Several callers on Avenida Cañada reported about 15 shots fired. Officers in the area also heard shots. They could not locate the shooter.

    9:19 p.m. A Desert Vista Drive caller reported she got several calls from her ex-husband, who is in a Los Lunas prison. She just received a package from him and wanted an officer there when she opened it.

    11:17 p.m. An officer conducted a traffic stop on Santo Niño Lane and arrested a woman for DWI.


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