Off roading on Onate

Española City Police try to determine March 23 how the woman driving this car lost control and drove through about 50 yards of landscape rocks in front of the Speedway on North Paseo de Oñate. The E-911 log states a woman was driving the car and her female passenger complained of back pain. The off road driving threw large rocks into the street and across the parking lot.

    The police blotter is published to give readers an abridged look at criminal activity in their community and neighborhood. It is simply an illustration of what local law enforcement, funded by taxpayers, must deal with daily throughout the Española Valley.

    Española Police officers, Ohkay Owingeh Tribal Police, Rio Arriba County Sheriff’s deputies or State Police responded to the following calls:

No crime in walking

March 14

    12:50 a.m. An Ohkay Casino caller said her husband wouldn’t let her leave. He got on the phone and said she was drunk. Police determined they were both drunk and a grandmother was called to pick up their children.

    7:56 a.m. A prisoner suicide was reported at the Rio Arriba County Detention Center.

    2:06 p.m. A West Bond Street caller reported several homeless people living in the arroyo and a lot of needles where his children play. He also said there might be a baby living there because he saw a stroller and baby clothes.

    2:31 p.m. A La Puebla Road caller said her cousin threatened to kill her with a knife and burn her house down.

    5:49 p.m. A Vista del Rio Apartments caller said he gave his niece a ride to an apartment and she said he didn’t have to wait for her, so he became suspicious and wants to speak with an officer.

    7:51 p.m. A Fairview Lane and North McCurdy Road caller said a young boy, about 12 years old, was walking in the area.

    8:06 p.m. A Chimayó caller reported about seven people harassing him because he told them they are trespassing.

    8:44 p.m. An Avenida Cañada caller said she called the previous night about a man harassing her sister and now the man is parked out “there” and he’s stalking and harassing again.

    10:34 p.m. A Calle del Sol caller reported someone is calling and harassing and threatening to hurt her. She doesn’t know who they are and feels unsafe.

Forced surgery

March 15

    12:12 a.m. A State Road 68 in Alcalde caller said there was a big boulder in the road that could cause an accident.

    4 a.m. A La Mesilla caller said her 79-year-old fiancé fell in the bedroom and needs to be checked out because he was unconscious and bleeding from the mouth.

    5:45 a.m. A South Riverside Drive caller said he was passing the mailbox at Dandy Burger and saw it was wide open and thinks it may have been broken into.

    7:33 a.m. An Ohkay Owingeh caller reported an abandoned car has been on the side of the road for a couple of days. She said the car had tires the previous day, but now they are gone.

    9:52 a.m. A Calle Loma caller said three cars were vandalized and the tires slashed.

    10:14 a.m. A Murphy’s Express caller reported a man down by the propane tank. Police made contact with a man who said another man was overdosing and someone gave him Narcan and put him in a vehicle and left.

    10:21 a.m. A West Roman Drive caller said a woman was asking him for money and is now knocking over trash cans on the roadway.

    10:26 a.m. An Española Hospital caller reported she is upset with the doctors because they are forcing her into surgery, but then she said they aren’t doing enough to help her.

    10:40 a.m. A La Mesilla caller said a man assaulted him on his property in Coyote because his brother was trying to put up a gate. The man drove up, tried to get on their property and then pointed a rifle at them.

    11:55 a.m. A Forest Road 144 caller reported a vehicle two miles up the roadway, sideways and blocking the road.

    3:39 p.m. A Carr Lane caller reported a light pole on fire near the Dollar Tree.

    4:20 p.m. An Allsup’s caller said a customer went into the store and said he had been shot in the head with a BB gun.

    5:17 p.m. A North Riverside Drive caller reported a man was walking toward Wells Fargo and falling in the road.

    7:22 p.m. A U.S. Highway 64 caller said he thinks his neighbors abandoned their property and left their dogs there. The dogs are going onto his property and fighting with his dogs and damaging the fence. He requested animal control to pick up the dogs.

    7:40 p.m. A Fairview Lane caller requested a welfare check on a five-year-old boy near the storage units who threw a stick at her car.

    9:48 p.m. A Lowe’s Home Improvement caller reported people driving around the parking lot, at a high rate of speed, doing donuts.

    9:56 p.m. A La Mesilla caller reported a chimney fire and said they were trying to put it out with a hose.

    10:10 p.m. An Alcalde caller said she cannot wake her co-worker and she’s unresponsive and turning pale. She knows how to do CPR but isn’t willing to. The woman regained consciousness and was breathing.

No mask, no ride

March 16

    12:08 a.m. A North Railroad Avenue caller reported eight or more alleged gang members are after him and they all have shotguns and they could be slashing tires or breaking windows. He hung up and said they found him. When police found him, he was uncooperative.

    8:12 a.m. A Classic Court caller reported squatters at a residence.

    8:22 p.m. A Chimayó caller requested animal control’s assistance in removing a dead skunk at the lot next door.

    11:34 a.m. A Forest Road 144 caller said a man who’s been missing for a couple of months is at the location and is dead.

    12:20 p.m. A Velarde caller said a woman has a bunch of dogs that are aggressive and are tearing the skirting of her trailer.

    12:55 p.m. A Park and Ride on Paseo de Oñate caller wanted a woman trespassed because she was refusing to wear a mask and arguing with staff.

    1:59 p.m. A Calle Flores caller requested a welfare check on her neighbor because the windows to the house have been open for a week and there is no car in the driveway. She said the FBI was there about two weeks ago.

    2:19 p.m. A Lowe’s Home Improvement caller said there’s a black Honda in the parking lot that appears to have been stolen because the ignition is busted out.

    2:46 p.m. A Saiz Lane caller wanted to have nine feral cats picked up.

    4:02 p.m. A Guadalupe Credit Union caller reported three girls fighting in the front of the business.

    5:06 p.m. An RTD on Riverside Drive caller said there was a loaded syringe on the property and requested it be picked up.

    5:32 p.m. A U.S. Highway 64/84 in Tierra Amarilla caller reported a 10-year-old child was walking northbound with bags.

    6:49 p.m. An Ojo Caliente caller said someone is shooting an automatic weapon in the area.

    7:13 p.m. A Chama caller said his license plate was stolen and he’s not sure where it happened because he didn’t notice it was gone until he got home.

    8:32 p.m. A Hernandez caller reported her stepfather was drunk and throwing things. The man was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

    9:19 p.m. A Santa Clara caller said her diabetic boyfriend is drinking and doesn’t look well. She said his face is black.

Playing Pokemon Go

March 17

    7:10 a.m. A South McCurdy Road caller reported a man and woman threatening him. He said the woman has a needle.

    7:44 a.m. An Allsup’s caller said a man was trying to fight with the security guard.

    8:20 a.m. An Alcalde caller said there are trees on fire and she can see flames and smoke.

    12:25 p.m. A Calle Cristobal caller said his neighbor was knocking on the windows and calling him names.

    12:39 p.m. An Abiquiú Lake caller requested a welfare check for a man with a walker who was lying on the side of the road, near the west entrance to the lake and refusing help. Deputies gave him a ride to the Catholic church in Chama.

    2:18 p.m. A Pizza 9 caller said two men forced a girl into their car and the caller is concerned for her safety. Police discovered the vehicle was unoccupied.

    3:19 p.m. A South Coronado Avenue and East Don Filigonio Street caller reported several blocks on the roadway.

    5:44 p.m. A La Mesilla caller reported someone stole mail from his mailbox.

    7 p.m. A San Juan Elementary caller said a vehicle appeared to be speeding and lost control and went off the road.

    8 p.m. A Murphy’s Express caller reported a woman who appeared to be under the influence, dancing around the parking lot.

    9:54 p.m. A Northern New Mexico College caller reported a truck parked in front of the Arts Building that had been there for two days. Police found the owner of the truck was there and playing Pokemon Go.

Not ready

to go home

March 18

    8:04 a.m. A Speedway caller requested a welfare check on a woman passed out in a vehicle that had been there since the previous night. Police made contact with the woman who said she was traveling from Utah and got tired, so she pulled over and slept there.

    8:10 a.m. A Hernandez caller said there was a dog tied to a tree. Animal control was unable to gain access to the area because of a locked gate. They left a notice on the gate.

    9:07 a.m. A Velarde caller was requesting animal control’s assistance because her neighbor has four very aggressive dogs on the loose and today is trash day and she can’t go outside because they chase her.

    9:43 a.m. A Calle del Pajarito caller said people are interfering with her life and are harassing her, to include the State Police and Santa Fe Sheriff’s Office.

    12:08 p.m. A Camino Cielo Grande caller reported his mother threw a boiling pot of water at his grandmother.

    12:52 p.m. An Alcalde caller said his poly cart was stolen.

    2:33 p.m. A Mountain View Street caller requested a welfare check on a man who was walking with no shirt, limping and bleeding.

    3:07 p.m. A Mountain View Street caller reported a man covered in blood that was stabbing himself. The man was transported to the emergency room.

    4:31 p.m. An Española Hospital caller requested an officer because she parked in the lot and someone is throwing beer bottles at her car.

    4:43 p.m. A Park and Ride on Paseo de Oñate caller reported a very intoxicated man was there with security

    6:45 p.m. A Chimayó caller said his 12-week-old puppy was stuck under a culvert.

    8:24 p.m. A Walgreens caller reported a woman passed out in a Subaru. She was sleeping and told police she didn’t want to go home yet.

    9:34 p.m. An Appenzeller Road caller reported five bullets were shot at her house and her windows were broken. She said there were no injuries to anyone in the home.

    10:01 p.m. A Las Lomas Apartments caller said someone was trying to break into her apartment. Police found a armed man in a vehicle.

    11:02 p.m. An Ohkay Express Mart caller reported a 59-year-old man took crack cocaine about 30 minutes ago and was feeling hyper. He said the man’s heart is beating fast and his legs are shaking. He requested the man be checked out by medics.

Unwashed car

March 19

    4:15 a.m. An El Llano Road caller said a woman was trying to get into her house and she’s jumping over the fence and keeps going to the door. She had something on her ankle and wasn’t wearing shoes. The woman was taken to the emergency room.

    8:44 a.m. A La Joya Street caller said clothes were left outside by her daughter’s window and someone is going into her yard and making designs with the pine cones there.

    9:37 a.m. A Calle de las Yuccas caller reported his 73-year-old sister fell and she can’t get up.

    10:34 a.m. A Vista del Rio Apartments caller said there were homeless people staying in the condos and when maintenance got there, they took off.

    12:39 p.m. A person walked into the Rio Arriba County Sheriff’s Office to file a fraud report.

    1:20 p.m. A Champion Carwash caller said a man was irate because his car wasn’t washed properly and he was demanding a new car wash and didn’t want to leave.

    1:37 p.m. A Milagro Village Mobile Home Park caller reported his name and Social Security number were used to open accounts under his name and he wanted to file a report.

    2:06 p.m. A State Road 519 and State Road 111 caller said there was a fire across from the La Madera Post Office.

    6:41 p.m. A Valley Drive caller said a man was walking in and out of traffic on Riverside Drive. Police determined he wasn’t intoxicated, he was just going home.

    7:24 p.m. A Fairview Lane caller reported a 40-year-old woman was unconscious and not breathing, after taking heroin 10 minutes prior.

    8:20 p.m. A Dixon caller said a SUV rolled and people were trying to get someone out of it.

    11:36 p.m. An Alcalde caller said the driver of an older Dodge Ram was posing as a police officer and flashing red and blue lights at vehicles.

Reckless children

March 20

    12:39 a.m. An unattended death was reported at Rincon de Estrella.

    8:56 a.m. A Mike’s Mini Mart caller said a car hit a fire hydrant and is stuck on the hydrant, but trying to leave.

    11:24 a.m. An Alcalde caller wanted a welfare check done on her son because he locked himself in his room sometime the previous day and he’s known to use narcotics. She’s not able to get in the room. Deputies got in through a window, but the man wasn’t in there.

    Noon An Abiquiú caller reported a brush fire that was approaching a shed next door.

    12:14 p.m. An Alcalde caller said an older model Dodge truck was driving at a high rate of speed and ran over two dogs.

    12:15 p.m. A North McCurdy Road and Valley Drive caller reported the stop sign is missing and people are not stopping.

    1:08 p.m. A Fairview Sonic caller said two people were fighting in one of the stalls toward the back of the business.

    1:18 p.m. A Medanales caller reported they were doing some burning that got out of control and now some trees are on fire.

    2:25 p.m. A Velarde caller said a 31-year-old woman was unconscious and possibly not breathing. Deputies determined she was dead.

    5:16 p.m. A South McCurdy Road caller said the occupants of a Dodge Charger were throwing trash out of the car and threw a duffel bag.

    6:05 p.m. A Dixon caller reported he was riding his bike and a woman flagged him down and said someone was overdosing in the bosque.

    6:16 p.m. An Ohkay Owingeh caller said he was digging a trench and accidentally struck a gas line.

    6:45 p.m. A Lowe’s Home Improvement caller reported a water leak behind Chili’s.

    7:13 p.m. An Ohkay Owingeh caller said there were five children on a single ATV and they were driving recklessly.

    7:18 p.m. An East Jonathan Drive caller said her boyfriend was there and refusing to leave. She said he was damaging her house. The man was detained.

    7:47 p.m. A Forest Road 151 in Abiquiú caller reported a vehicle hit an elk.

    8:39 p.m. An Ohkay Owingeh caller reported her neighbor is honking and knocking on her door and harassing her.

    9:40 p.m. A Sacred Heart Cemetery caller requested a welfare check on a person lying down near the gate of the cemetery.

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