The police blotter is published to give readers an abridged look at criminal activity in their community and neighborhood. It is simply an illustration of what local law enforcement, funded by taxpayers, must deal with daily throughout the Española Valley.

    Española Police officers, Ohkay Owingeh Tribal Police, Rio Arriba County Sheriff’s deputies or State Police responded to the following calls:


not vertigo

Jan. 31

    4:35 a.m. A caller advised that he hit an elk and totaled his SUV on Highway 84. He didn’t need an ambulance, he just wanted to file a report. A State Police officer called dispatch to report the caller was a Rio Arriba County Detention Center worker. The vehicle was towed to the facility and Rio Arriba County Sheriff’s Office was asked to take a crash report and talk to the driver, but the State Police decided to handle it, instead.

    7:03 a.m. A Velarde man called 911 to report he was dizzy with vertigo. Medics went to the man’s house and determined that he was weak and had taken some methadone. He was transported to the emergency room.

    12:38 p.m. A Walmart caller reported someone stole her purse and all her belongings while she was in the store. She said her purse was in the basket and when she looked away, someone took it.

    2:25 p.m. A caller reported a man in his late 20s, driving a white Toyota Camry, pulled a shotgun on her at Walgreens, then fled. She said he made her go into her storage unit behind Walgreens and searched it. The caller later spotted the vehicle at Walmart, but police were unable to find it.

    3:09 p.m. A Chimayó caller reported a Honda Civic circling the park very recklessly. A deputy responded and determined the vehicle was not driving recklessly, it appeared someone was learning how to drive.

    11:17 p.m. A caller on Bow Hunters Lane and El Llano Road reported about 45 gun shots in the area. Deputies were unable to locate a shooter and did not hear additional shots being fired.

Prank caller

Feb. 1

    12:55 a.m. State Police requested assistance from deputies in locating a family that had been missing since the previous afternoon in Comanche Canyon.

    1:25 a.m. A Hernandez caller reported a house fire, with flames coming out of the roof. It was determined the house was in foreclosure and it’s unknown who the owners were. It appeared that some construction was being done to the house.

    7:51 a.m. A State Road 76 caller said her husband is not breathing and has no pulse.

    8:37 a.m. An Española Senior Center caller said someone cut the fence and the lock to the shed. It’s unknown if anything was taken. Another manager had to be called to determine if anything was missing.

    12:20 p.m. A State Road 399 caller reported her brother was unresponsive. She said she last saw him 15 minutes prior and now he’s cold to the touch.

    3:17 p.m. A patient at Española Hospital called to report his vehicle and wallet had been stolen. When officers arrived, the man was “passed out.”

    5:19 p.m. A Food King caller reported a man was shoplifting and refused to leave. The caller said the shoplifter wanted to speak with police because he said Food King is the one stealing from him.

    7:07 p.m. A Chimayó caller said someone was calling his 8-year-old son and making threats. He had the phone number that was calling but didn’t know who the person was. The caller called back and said it was one of his cousins calling from a different number, messing with him.

    8:57 p.m. A Pizza 9 caller reported that he’d gone to Calle del Rio to deliver a pizza and a guy came out with a shopping bag, dark glasses and black gloves. He said the man was acting really weird and had a needle on his ear. Deputies said they’d do courtesy rounds throughout the night.

    11:27 p.m. An Ohkay Owingeh caller requested a welfare check on his mother’s house. He said the day prior, or maybe the day before that, her dog was killed with an ax.

Picking up more

than garbage

Feb. 2

    1:16 a.m. A City Hall caller reported a man at the back door, wearing a mask and bleeding from his hand.

    6:40 a.m. A Calle Talache caller reported there were people running around her yard and wanted an officer to go by. She wasn’t sure how many people were outside because she was afraid to look out.

    10:32 a.m. A Hernandez caller said he was scammed on the phone using his credit card and wanted to speak with a deputy. Deputies determined it was a computer scam and referred the caller to the Attorney General’s Office.

    11:21 a.m. A Shoe Dept. caller said a customer tried to pay with a fake $100 bill. The customer fled the area, but the caller wanted to speak with an officer.

    1:16 p.m. A Calle Sierra Vista caller said a package was stolen and she wanted to file a report so the company would refund her.

    1:44 p.m. A CVS caller said someone was trying to get into her car, as she sat in the pharmacy drive-thru.

    3:04 p.m. A Rincon de Estrella caller said a man who had previously stolen from him, was in his house with a machete. He said there are males that hit his father after trying to rob him, but didn’t know who the males were. The caller said the men left in a red truck and they live nearby. He didn’t want to file a report.

    3:11 p.m. A Calle del Rio caller said a man went to his house and tried to hit him and told him he was going to mess him up.

    5:28 p.m. A Chimayó caller said he saw a white garbage truck and it looked like they were putting bodies in it. He requested State Police do a welfare check.

    8:36 p.m. A Velarde caller reported a boulder the size of a washing machine sitting in the northbound lane of State Road 68. The Highway Department was called to handle it.

Hungry dogs

Feb. 3

    12:13 a.m. An Ohkay Casino caller wanted to report a woman in a vehicle, in a sleeping bag, reading a book. The book reader also called police to report that she’s in her car and men are pounding on her vehicle. She was advised it’s officers that are trying to make sure she is OK. She said she does not want them to harass her and refused to speak to them.

    9:43 a.m. A Cook’s Mobile Home Park caller said there were two males looking through a car. She wasn’t sure what they were wearing and could barely see them. Police determined a man was cleaning out his camping gear.

    9:56 a.m. An Allsup’s caller reported a man messing with an electrical box. The caller said he told the man to stop, but he refused. Police determined the man was fixing the box.

    11:46 a.m. A Calle Piedad caller said someone has been throwing things at her vehicle and damaged the hood. Police determined there was no damage, the paint was chipped by the weather.

    3:04 p.m. A Lindrith caller reported numerous dogs biting the side tires of the school vehicle. The caller did not know to whom the dogs belong, but said the schools keep having to replace the tires.

    3:07 p.m. A Family Dollar in Tierra Amarilla caller said a security camera was viewed and they have an employee that may have been embezzling from the business.

    4 p.m. A Mountain View Street caller said someone opened an account with Verizon in his name.

    5:34 p.m. A Carr Lane caller reported a man in a black T-shirt defecating on the side of the street. Police were unable to locate him.

    8:04 p.m. A Lowe’s Home Improvement caller said a truck pulled up next to him and hit his door twice.

    9:21 p.m. A Sandy Lane caller said there’s a big fight, with several individuals. She heard what sounded like tires being stabbed. Police determined that tires had been stabbed and said they’d do courtesy rounds the next few nights. The caller called back and wanted to know why no one had been arrested and said the same people were sitting on the porch and running around.

    9:23 p.m. A Walgreen’s caller advised there was a woman in the store, possibly intoxicated, opening food and eating it. The woman wasn’t able to stand, was stumbling. not wearing a mask and sneezing on people.

    9:50 p.m. A Pizza 9 caller reported a man went to the back door and was bleeding from his face and mouth. The caller said the man is now laying down in the lobby.

Don’t ask questions

Feb. 4

    6:12 a.m. An Ojo Caliente caller said they witnessed a vehicle, with a woman and child inside, that went off the road, possibly into the arroyo.

    10:49 a.m. A Lopez Lane caller reported that someone buried something in his front yard. He said there is loose dirt and blocks on top of the item. Officers determined it was the grave of a small dog.

    1:10 p.m. A Calle del Alamo caller reported his brother died.

    2:11 p.m. A Calle de Los Amigos caller said her husband is hacking her phone and won’t let her call the FBI.

    3:33 p.m. An O’Reilly’s caller said someone broke the window to the front door and left in a Toyota Corolla, toward the Santa Clara Apartments.

    6:02 p.m. a Chimayó caller reported his Honda motorcycle had been stolen.

    9:04 p.m. A Shadowood Lane caller reported his vehicle had been stolen.

    10:02 p.m. A Calle del Alamo caller reported shots fired.

Drinking and racing

Feb. 5

    1:39 a.m. A Camino de Roberto caller said a woman, who is on drugs, bit her and rammed her into the wall. She asked that officers remove the woman. When deputies arrived, they were told their help wasn’t needed.

    1:54 a.m. A Lomita Lane caller reported hearing footsteps all around her house. Officers were unable to find anyone outside the residence.

    6:36 a.m. A Velarde caller said there were rocks in the northbound lane that could damage a vehicle. The Highway Department was notified.

    12:03 p.m. A Walgreens caller reported she almost killed somebody, then hung up. Dispatchers called her back, but were unable connect with the caller.

    12:35 p.m. An AutoZone caller said a man stole a flashlight and some other items. Officers were unable to locate him.

    1:13 p.m. A Del Norte Credit Union caller reported his credit card was stolen.

    1:34 p.m. An Ohkay Owingeh caller said a cat had been stuck in a tree for “days.”

    2:52 p.m. A Family Dollar in Abiquiu caller reported someone wrecked into his vehicle and left the scene.

    3:53 p.m. An Enchanted Mesa Mobile Home Park caller said she checked on her neighbor and found him dead.

    4:47 p.m. A Santa Claran Casino Hotel caller reported a reckless driver. He said a man in a truck had a gun. He said the truck was trying to race another car and the man was putting the gun to his head and drinking miniatures. When officers arrived, there was no one in the truck. It was locked and they did not see a gun inside.

    5:41 p.m. A Ohkay Owingeh caller said he went to check on his cows and two men in a white truck with California license plates were on his property, drunk. Deputies could not locate the men.

    7:17 p.m. A Bellas Lane caller wanted to report a white truck in the area is selling her son drugs.

    8:08 p.m. A Food King caller said a man in an orange Cobalt was unconscious and the vehicle is running.

‘Not the royalty’

Feb. 6

    1:56 a.m. An Allsup’s caller said a drunk man was in the parking lot, yelling and refusing to leave. He was also being very aggressive with the employee.

    7:50 a.m. An El Rey Liquor caller reported a man went into the business and tried to rob them with a pocket knife. She said the man had trash bag on his shoes and ran toward Center Market.

    8:57 a.m. A Rue 21 caller reported a “bunch” of needles in the parking lot.

    10:53 a.m. An O’Reilly’s caller said a car was in the parking lot and two people were inside slumped over. Officers determined the occupants were under the influence and the vehicle was towed.

    1:12 p.m. A Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office deputy requested assistance at the Ohkay Express Mart. He said he walked up to a vehicle and noticed the occupants were smoking marijuana.

    1:45 p.m. A Calle del Sol caller reported being harassed by multiple law enforcement agencies. She said she can’t talk to the mayor or governor because “she is not the royalty.” She said all officers are bothering her and her neighbors want to have sex with her and she wants them to stop.

    2:34 p.m. A Santa Clara Apartments caller said someone stole a TV and vandalized an apartment. The caller said she was reporting the crime for the occupant of the apartment because he’s in jail.

    7:01 p.m. A Medanales caller said there were people lying in a car outside his house.

    7:35 p.m. A South Coronado Avenue caller reported five children walking back and forth from one side of the road to the other. Officers determined they weren’t doing anything wrong, they were just riding their bikes.

    9:16 p.m. An Abiquiú caller reported someone walking in the middle of the road, shining a light. The caller didn’t know if the person needed help, but was near the canyon and Ghost Ranch. Deputies could not find anyone walking in the area.

    9:39 p.m. A Fairview Sonic caller said there was a man and woman sitting in a car at the last stall. The man was falling asleep at the drive-thru and the woman was drooling. They both appeared to be under the influence. The car left by the time deputies arrived.

    11:24 p.m. A Velarde caller reported an old man who passes by in a truck, stops at the entrance to the county road and revs his engine. She doesn’t know who he is, but said he’s been doing it for a while.

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