An Española man was arrested on Aug. 12, after running a red light at the intersection of South Riverside Drive and Upper San Pedro Road and plowing into a Ford F-150 pickup truck.

Española Police Officer Mark Webb arrested Philip Quintana, 39, of Española, after the man failed field sobriety tests and admitted to drinking and driving.

When Webb responded to the accident scene at 5:08 p.m., he spoke with Aaron Ziegler, a witness who was driving a tractor trailer that was behind Quintana’s Mazda Protégé. He showed the officer dash cam footage of the moments leading up to the crash.

“It was witnessed that the blue Mazda traveled through the intersection of South Riverside Drive and Upper San Pedro, driving through a red light,” Webb wrote in his incident report. “As the Mazda was traveling through the intersection you could see the Ford truck entering onto northbound lanes of South Riverside Drive from Upper San Pedro Rd. The Mazda “T-boned” the Ford truck causing heavy damage to both vehicles. No evasive action or braking was seen on the video.”

When Webb spoke with Quintana, the man was chewing gum, but the officer could still smell alcohol on his breath. His speech was also slurred, according to Webb’s report. 

He asked Quintana if he had anything to drink and the man said he had two shots that morning, but nothing since. Later, he told Webb that he had crab legs at home about five hours prior to the crash and that’s the last time he drank, having consumed the two shots.

Quintana was unable to complete the horizontal gaze nystagmus and the one-leg stand. When Webb asked him to say the alphabet, letters E through P, Quintana said that is hard to do even when sober.

Quintana was arrested and taken to the Española Detention Center for a Breathalyzer test, on which he blew a .14. He was then taken for medical clearance to the Española Hospital, then booked into the Tierra Amarilla Detention Center.

According to court records, he was arraigned on Aug. 13, in Española Magistrate Court.

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