The police blotter is published to give readers an abridged look at criminal activity in their community and neighborhood. It is simply an illustration of what local law enforcement, funded by taxpayers, must deal with daily throughout the Española Valley.

    Española Police officers, Ohkay Owingeh Tribal Police, Rio Arriba County Sheriff’s deputies or State Police responded to the following calls:

A whole basket

Jan. 3

    12:07 a.m. A Coyote caller repeatedly tried to get New Mexico State Police to come to his house because he said he had intruders. Dispatch said there were no Rio Arriba County Sheriff’s Office personnel on duty after midnight and State Police had no one in District 5, nor Sandoval County. All District 5 State Police were in Albuquerque.

    2:58 a.m. A State Road 76 caller in Santa Cruz reported shots fired. Española City Police officers found a drunk man who was transported to the Española Hospital Emergency Room.

    4:30 a.m. A State Road 76 caller in Truchas found a white Suburu that had run off the road into an embankment. The call was transferred to State Police.

    10:22 a.m. A Family Dollar Store on North Riverside Drive employee reported a man trying to leave the store with a basket full of merchandise. Officers asked the man to leave.

    12:32 p.m. A Hernandez caller reported someone trying to get into her neighbor’s burned house.

    1:08 p.m. A woman reported she had items a man had shoplifted from Walmart. She gave them to an officer, who returned them to the store.

    1:21 p.m. A Calle del Sol caller reported she is involved with a police officer with dimples and she wants to report what is going on.

    1:51 p.m. An Angel Duran Drive caller reported a woman unconscious but breathing. Medics responded but the woman died.

    2:39 p.m. A deputy found an open door to the shed behind the senior center on Hunter Street. Employees were going to inventory to see if anything was taken.

    2:45 p.m. An elderly Alcalde woman reported her electricity was out and she needed help bringing wood inside the house for a fire. Alcalde Volunteer Fire Department assisted.

    2:56 p.m. A Coyote man was attacked by his neighbor. The responding deputy was going to file an arrest warrant.

    3:55 p.m. A Calle Redonda caller reported his roommate was overdosing, unconscious and not breathing. Someone was performing CPR before medics arrived. The man was transported to the emergency room.

    6:08 p.m. A North Railroad caller reported he had been drinking for a month and something erupted in his stomach. Medics responded but the man was not transported.

    7:38 p.m. A Rio Arriba County Adult Detention Center officer reported someone tried to bring $700 worth of meth into the jail.

    8:56 p.m. A South Prince Drive caller reported his 23-year-old son had fainted and had blood on his face. His son’s 6-year-old step-daughter hit him with something. The injured man refused medical attention.

    9:51 p.m. The Walmart store manager reported the bakery department got a call from a man saying his son was going to Walmart with a gun. There was no threat of violence, just that he had a gun.

Speedy fraud

Jan. 4

    2:23 a.m. A man driving south on U.S. Highway 84/285 reported he was heading to the emergency room with a 16-year-old girl who had been shot. State Police was advised of the call.

    3:58 a.m. A Chimayó caller reported “a few guys in his yard.” The call was transferred to State Police.

    5:15 a.m. A Vallecitos caller reported a man unconscious and not breathing. A deputy arrived almost an hour later and passed medics enroute to the emergency room.

    5:50 a.m. A Tierra Amarilla caller reported a 30-year-old man not conscious, nor breathing. Tierra Amarilla Medics reported the man was dead and a deputy waited for Office of the Medical Investigators to arrive.

    9 a.m. A caller reported he got a notice from Speedy Cash that his loan was past due. He had not borrowed money from Speedy Cash. A fraud report was taken.

    10:56 a.m. An Española School District employee reported someone broke into the gym at Española Elementary School and “destroyed” it.

    11:27 a.m. A man reported a Ford F250 traveling south in the northbound lanes of U.S. Highway 84/285 in Hernandez. A deputy stopped the driver near Rio Chama Chevron. He had taken a lot of medication and was taken home.

    12:09 p.m. A Days Inn employee reported a guest would not leave. The guest left after telling an officer they got bed bug bites during the night and weren’t going to pay for a full night.

    3:49 p.m. A Dixon caller requested the volunteer fire department get a cat out of a tree.

    4:27 p.m. A deputy conducted a traffic stop and arrested the driver for an unspecified reason. The deputy reported the man “going crazy” in the back of his patrol car.

    4:44 p.m. A Walmart employee reported a man broke the cash drawer in the Sporting Goods Department and ran off.

    5:57 p.m. A woman reported a man lying in the road, unconscious, not breathing, bleeding from his head and a rock with blood on it nearby. The man died at the scene.

    7:37 p.m. A man on State Road 76 in Chimayó reported he hit a pedestrian with his car’s mirror. The driver pulled over but the pedestrian left. The mirror broke off and had blood on it.

    8:02 p.m. A Fairview Lane caller reported her mother was hitting her, trying to get her out of the car. An officer followed the mother, who would not stop, onto U.S. 84/285. A State Police unit joined and the woman pulled over near District 7 Office. She was arrested for child abuse.

    9:48 p.m. A Calle Redonda caller reported a Jeep in the ditch on three wheels. The driver told an officer he pulled over to wait for someone and got stuck.

    10:12 p.m. A Middle San Pedro Road caller reported a man acting crazy. A Santa Clara Tribal Police officer came and arrested the man on an outstanding warrant.

Rough ride

Jan. 5

    2:13 a.m. An Española Hospital caller reported a woman had been discharged from the hospital but Darrens Place did not answer the phone and she couldn’t stay in the lobby. City police would not respond because of COVID.

    11:51 a.m. A State Road 76 caller reported someone broke into her house and stole a rifle.

    12:04 p.m. A Hernandez caller reported a 15-year-old girl locked herself in the bathroom, was depressed and took medication for it. She was transported to the emergency room.

    12:35 p.m. A McCurdy Road caller reported his father threw his grandmother out of her wheel chair. The caller said his father was trying to kick him out of his own house.

    3:33 p.m. A man at the gas pumps at Olivers reported a man on the ground, delusional. The man’s father came to get him.

    3:50 p.m. A Las Lomas Apartments caller said management asked a tow truck to tow his car away. He was told it was a civil matter.

    5:30 p.m. An officer stopped a silver Nissan Maxima for no license plate. He arrested the passenger on an outstanding warrant.

    8:07 p.m. A Vallecitos caller reported a woman fell and was unresponsive. She does not take drugs or alcohol, only Oxycodone, which is prescribed to her. Medics revived the woman, who refused transport.

    9:21 p.m. A Lower San Pedro Road caller reported a woman pounding on her door asking for someone who doesn’t live there. An officer said the woman was highly intoxicated and on some drug. She was arrested.

    10:27 p.m. A deputy conducted a traffic stop on a woman on State Road 30 in Guachupangue. The woman got out of the car and lay down on the road. She was arrested for DWI.

Smelly call

Jan. 6

    2:21 a.m. A Lower San Pedro Road caller reported a vehicle sitting in his driveway for about 20 minutes. The occupant said she lived there.

    9:22 a.m. A Lower San Pedro caller reported someone had his birth certificate and money and he needs it returned.

    10:18 a.m. A Motel 6 caller reported he was advised to call the FBI because someone is doing voodoo inside the motel.

    10:43 a.m. A South McCurdy Road caller reported a crashed vehicle abandoned near Brown Street.

    11:24 a.m. A Velarde caller reported he had properly served eviction papers on his tenant but the tenant would not leave. He requested deputies’ help.

    1:22 p.m. A Camino de las Animas caller reported sewer backing up into his house and he wanted the wastewater department to respond.

    2:45 p.m. A deputy made a traffic stop outside Magistrate Court and arrested a man.

    2:56 p.m. A man advised he was repossessing a vehicle on Starlighter Loop.

    4:07 p.m. A Santo Niño Lane caller reported her Toyota Corolla was stolen the previous night.

    5:52 p.m. A Lower San Pedro Road caller reported a woman overdosing on heroin. Medics administered two doses of Narcan and revived the woman. She refused transport to the hospital.

    7:25 p.m. A Days Inn employee reported a man was smoking marijuana in the room and she wanted him removed. He was gone when officers arrived.

    8:35 p.m. An officer witnessed a domestic violence incident in the Lowe’s Home Improvement parking lot. The man was Native American and neither Pojoaque Pueblo nor BIA would respond. The woman was transported to the emergency room.

Crying and sleeping

Jan. 7

    1:41 a.m. A Rincon de Estrella caller reported a neighbor went into her house and took her purse and liquor.

    4:10 a.m. A caller on U.S. Highway 84/285 in north Santa Fe County reported an accident with serious injuries. The call was transferred to Santa Fe Regional.    

    5:58 a.m. A Brown Street caller reported a vehicle abandoned in his yard. One man was arrested for an unspecified reason.

    11:26 a.m. A Velarde caller reported she found a man on the ground by her house. A responding deputy said it appeared the man tripped but he was dead.

    1:04 p.m. A Fairview Sonic caller requested assistance in reference to a woman lying on the grass “yelling, crying and falling asleep.”

    5:47 p.m. A Point S Tire store manager reported a car stolen from the store about an hour earlier.

    6:53 p.m. A Walgreens caller reported a man was on the ground and told her he had been hit by a car and couldn’t get up. The man was gone when an officer arrived.

    8:25 p.m. An Española Hospital caller reported a man left with an IV in his arm, without his personal belongings.

    9:33 p.m. A Velarde caller reported her father was drinking and taking Percosets and was unconscious and not breathing. Medics administered one dose of Narcan and the man refused medical transport.

    9:44 p.m. An officer stopped a vehicle and after conducting field sobriety tests, arrested the man for DWI.

We be jammin’

Jan. 8

    3:43 a.m. A Calle Pajarito caller reported a truck at the park “jamming out all loud.”

    7:15 a.m. A Velarde caller reported a loose dog attacked his wife and then his dog. A deputy left a card with the dog owner’s son.

    11:04 a.m. An Ojo Caliente caller reported a woman fell and was weak and had COVID-19. Medics responded and the family started fighting with each other. The woman was transported and the family separated by deputies.

    12:18 p.m. A Chimayó man reported he went to check on his friend and found him dead. Office of Medical Investigators responded and the man was transported to their office.

    2:31 p.m. A woman reported a lot of traffic behind Rodeway Inn, with suitcases being exchanged by possible squatters. Officers found nothing suspicious.

    2:58 p.m. A deputy was stopped by a man who saw an elk stuck in a fence. The deputy shot the elk and the man harvested it. Game and fish need to speak with the man because he would have to “purchase the elk.”

    3:02 p.m. A person came to the Sheriff’s Office to report receiving threats through the mail at the county manager’s behest.

    3:12 p.m. A Corlett Road caller reported a woman who had missed dialysis and was postive for COVID-19 had died in her trailer. Office of Medical Investigators responded.

    3:38 p.m. A man reported he took a homeless man to different places around town to get things. When he went into Walmart he left the man in his truck and a lot of his valuables are missing from the truck.

    8:46 p.m. A caller in Lowe’s Home Improvement parking lot reported someone under a tarp. A police sergeant took the man to the station lobby to warm up for awhile.

    9:19 p.m. A man reported he hit a deer near Velarde and left the scene. A deputy called him and explained the severity of leaving the scene and the man hung up.

    11:06 p.m. A Saints and Sinners caller reported a man on a bike behind the bar possibly trying to burglarize a house. Officers told the man to leave.

    11:22 p.m. An officer caught a man trying to break into a vehicle at Point S Tires. He was arrested.

Car punching

Jan. 9

    12:16 a.m. An officer conducted a traffic stop by Point S on a man who claimed his cell phone was in the car stolen earlier at the store.

    1:57 a.m. A McCurdy Road caller reported someone hit a power pole and lines were sparking. A Jemez Co-op crew was dispatched.

    3:26 a.m. A Calle del Sol caller reported her friend fell and hit his head on the counter. She was performing CPR. An officer administered one dose of Narcan but the man died.

    10:23 a.m. A caller reported a man passed out in his vehicle on Santa Clara Bridge with his door open.

    4:36 p.m. A North Riverside Drive man could hear people on the roof. Police could not find anyone and neighbors confirmed  they hadn’t heard anything.

    4:51 p.m. A deputy attempted to conduct a traffic stop on a white Dodge Dakota, with no license plate, traveling from Lindrith to Regina. The Dakota would not stop. The deputy stopped the chase at the County line. State Police were informed.

    4:56 p.m. A Walgreens caller reported a man walked up to her car and punched it. The woman could not describe the man, nor which direction he went after boxing with her car.

    7:12 p.m. An officer stopped a black Lexus with no license plate and arrested the driver for an outstanding warrant. His mother took the car home.

    7:56 p.m. A Chama woman reported her car reversed in the yard and hit a stove. She was bleeding and treated on the scene by medics.

    9:15 p.m. A Truchas caller reported a friend brought his son to his house and he was unconscious and barely breathing. He had been drinking and taken unknown narcotics. The caller’s wife performed CPR. State Police arrived with Truchas medics. The man was transported to the emergency room.

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Whike I realize this is posted to show us "what the police have to deal with," it often shows abdication of duty by the police. Which I've experienced first hand. Espanola police are a joke.

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