A female inmate was attacked by another inmate on Sept. 24 at the Rio Arriba County Detention Center, the attacked inmate was accused of stealing the alleged attacker's PIN for phone calls.

Andrea Montoya, 38, of Alcalde, admitted to Rio Arriba County Cpl. Joseph Cannon, that she attacked Bonita Burkheimer, 44, of Petaca, and accused her of stealing a piece paper with the phone PIN and possibly using it, after she misplaced the paper.

Burkheimer told the deputy that Montoya hit her first, which initiated the fight. She had cuts to her left, middle finger because Montoya bit her.

Cannon spoke with Montoya, to whom he read her Miranda Rights. 

“Ms. Montoya confirmed that she charged at Ms. Burkheimer, and that she threw the first punch,” he wrote in his incident report. “Ms. Montoya admitted, ‘I did make a bad choice.’ Ms. Montoya confirmed that she had bitten Ms. Burkheimer.”

Cannon also viewed the surveillance video, which confirmed the women’s recollection of events and showed that Montoya initiated the fight.

While Cannon was completing the booking paperwork, he discovered that Montoya had an active arrest warrant.

“A copy of the warrant was provided to Ms. Montoya at the jail, where she was booked and held on ‘no bond’ for both incidents,” Cannon wrote.

According to his report, Montoya was charged with aggravated battery and felony warrants.

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