An employee at GameStop on North Riverside Drive called 911 at 2:45 p.m., Oct. 19 stating he was robbed at gunpoint.

    Española Police Department Officer Isaiah Anaya responded to the call and met with store manager Dennis Thomas. Thomas told Anaya a man wearing a Kansas City Chiefs hat, white t-shirt and jeans came into the store while he and two employees were sorting a shipment that had arrived.

    Thomas thought the man was shopping. However, when Thomas and employee Daniel Ortiz went up to the registers, the man followed them, brandished a black handgun and demanded the money from the cash drawer.

    “Mr. Ortiz who as also there explained that there are two drawers and he was confused which drawer to open,” Anaya wrote in his report.

    The robber became upset and fired a round into the north wall of the store. Ortiz then opened both drawers and handed over about $500.

    Ortiz told Anaya the robber left on foot, running east, toward Riverside Drive.

    Anaya reviewed the store’s surveillance footage, which confirmed Thomas’s and Ortiz’s accounts of the incdient.

    Anaya took photographs and got a copy of the surveillance. He also recovered a spent 9 mm casing by the register and the bullet, which he states he found near the west wall of the store, not the north.

    Anaya and Officer Jose Lujan searched for the robber based on the description. Lujan found the t-shirt the man was wearing behind Rue 21, north of the GameStop store.

    No arrests have been made and there are no suspects.

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