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The driver of this pickup Aug. 27 apparently didn't see the small white sedan moving south in the right-turn lane on Riverside Drive, just north of Fairview Lane. He T-boned the car but there were no immediate serious injuries reported. City Police cleared the accident quickly.

    The police blotter is published to give readers an abridged look at criminal activity in their community and neighborhood. It is simply an illustration of what local law enforcement, funded by taxpayers, must deal with daily throughout the Española Valley.

    Española Police officers, Ohkay Owingeh Tribal Police, Rio Arriba County Sheriff’s deputies or State Police responded to the following calls:

Super thirsty

Aug. 16

    1:08 a.m. A Calle don Diego caller reported someone was trying to break into her house through the garage. An Española City Police officer arrested one man. They retrieved three handguns taken from somewhere else.

    8:10 a.m. A Medanales caller reported his son was shot in the ankle by a man in a blue pickup. The victim broke up with his girlfriend and when she went to gather her belongings one of the “several other males,” shot him. The victim was taken by Classic Air to a Santa Fe hospital.

    2:22 p.m. State Police advised they conducted a traffic stop on two people suspected in the earlier shooting. The man and woman were taken to State Police headquarters and the vehicle was seized.

    3:15 p.m. A McCurdy Road caller wanted her elderly neighbor checked on. Police had to force the front door to gain entry. The neighbor was found dead. Office of Medical Investigators was called.

    6:42 p.m. An El Rito caller reported her husband went to the bank to transfer money to someone who had kidnapped their daughter. The daughter was with the caller. The man went back to try to cancel the money he sent.

    6:54 p.m. An El Llano Road caller reported a couple fighting in the middle of the road. Police arrested one woman.

    8 p.m. A Calle don Diego caller reported finding a firearm that had been reported stolen the previous evening.

    8:32 p.m. A Rodeway Inn employee reported many cars driving in and out of the parking lot who are not guests.

    9:36 p.m. A Speedway caller reported a woman wearing a Superman sweater stole beer and was sitting in her car at a pump.


Unsolved mystery

Aug. 17

    12:27 a.m. An Allsups caller reported a reckless driver in and out of the pumps. Police stopped the car on Laguna. Santa Clara Tribal Police took over the stop.

    1:24 a.m. A cell phone caller reported he was “on his way to you guys.” He told dispatch he had something in his car but didn’t know what it was. Police called back several times but could not make contact.

    4:07 a.m. An Alcalde caller reported a man woke up and said he saw God and feels like he’s dying. State Police took the call.

    7:49 a.m. A Windstream caller reported someone broke into the lot and burgled and vandalized several trucks.

    11:44 p.m. A Highway Department transport truck caller at Bode’s in Abiquiú reported someone in a silver Ford Fiesta threw a rock at his truck and broke the windshield.

    11:47 a.m. A Historic Los Luceros caller reported stray dogs were attacking the livestock.

    12:41 p.m. An Ohkay Express caller reported a man passed out on El Llano road. A woman called at 12:50 p.m. and said she asked the man if he was OK and he said he was George Strait and he’s not dead.

    5:05 p.m. An Autozone caller reported two people were smoking narcotics in the bathroom and now fighting with employees.

    5:39 p.m. A Camino Miramontes caller reported a neighbor child kicked a pile of gravel.

    9:19 p.m. A Dixon caller reported a man she has a restraining order against keeps calling her. A deputy arrested the man for aggravated stalking.

Nagging bills

Aug. 18

    1:07 a.m. A Sunset Drive caller reported neighbors fighting. Police separated the combatants and the woman left for the night.

    2:15 a.m. A Calle Jose Pablo caller reported a man was trying to get into his house. The man was arrested.

    4:08 a.m. An Old Hospital Road caller reported a house guest had overdosed. Police found she was dead and contacted Office of Medical Investigators.

    4:52 a.m. A Medanales caller reported shots fired and feared someone was shooting at him. He was the victim of a shooting two days earlier.

    8:20 a.m. Ohkay Owingeh Tribal Police reported they had a woman detained whom State Police wanted for an old case. State Police came and arrested the woman.

    11:13 a.m. An Abiquiú caller reported three runaways were staying in some abandoned trailers. Children, Youth and Families Department officials said because of COVID they would have to make arrangements to pick up the children.

    12:14 p.m. A Velarde caller reported he was trying to work in his garage and his wife wouldn’t stop nagging him about bills.

    5:10 p.m. A U.S. Highway 84 caller reported a car flipped and was in a ravine about 10 miles south of the Colorado border. State Police were advised.

    6:41 p.m. An El Llano Road caller reported a silver Toyota Tacoma, with a bed full of trash, was in the area and she feared they would dump it behind the high school. An officer and a deputy met the truck as it was leaving a cut in the fence. One of the three men in the truck tried to fight with law enforcement and he was arrested.

    8:11 p.m. A man on the Jicarilla Nation reported his friend was drinking and they’re not talking to each other.

    10:55 p.m. An officer made contact with a woman behind AccuCopy on North Riverside Drive. She was arrested for DWI.

Let’s hang out

Aug. 19

    1:55 a.m. A naked man was reported on El Llano Road at Fairview Lane. He did not know how he got naked.

    3:28 a.m. The Española YMCA Teen Center alarm was activated. Officers found a window open and assumed entry was not gained. The director reviewed footage and determined someone came in and stole money. He got the money back. The burglar was arrested.

    4:08 a.m. A Pheasant Lane caller requested someone go hang out with him.

    8:56 a.m. A caller near Dandy Burger reported a semi truck blocking the road because the driver was fighting an elderly man.

    9:16 a.m. A man was reported to be face down on the east side of the Santa Cruz River bridge. He was transported to the emergency room and died later.

    10:38 a.m. A Las Lomas Apartments caller reported she heard a gunshot and then saw her wall was “shot out.” Police found a 12 gauge Winchester shotgun at the residence.

    2:52 p.m. A Santa Claran Apartments caller reported his car was stolen because someone else tried to buy drugs from the alleged thief. An officer said he, “Got the car back drug deal gone wrong.”

    5:13 p.m. A Chimayó man reported being punched in the face. He wanted police to hurry because he feared someone would kill him. State Police gave him a ride.

    5:47 p.m. A Dollar Tree caller reported a woman was “tweaking on something,” and lit fires by the store. Police spoke with a woman who was passed out by the store.

    6:19 p.m. A fire was reported in the roof of a house by Rancho de Chimayó.

    10:30 p.m. A Truchas caller reported his sister took too many pills and was barely breathing. Ojo Sarco rescue responded. She was transported to the emergency room.


Betty Boop pajamas

Aug. 20

    12:48 a.m. While an officer was citing a driver, the driver’s mother arrived and tried to get in the officer’s car.

    8:13 a.m. A Hernandez woman reported she found her brother-in-law dead. The call was transferred to State Police.

    8:22 a.m. A Dixon man reported a semi truck rolled over by Sugars and was in the road. The driver refused medical transport and said he was hauling wood panels.

    10:48 a.m. A woman in the Lowe’s Home Improvement parking lot reported two small children wandering the parking lot without parents. Police tracked down the parent’s vehicle.

    12:13 p.m. An East Pueblo Street caller reported a woman wearing Betty Boop pajamas was watching children in the area.

    3:36 p.m. A San Pedro Shell caller reported a couple passed out in their car at a gas pump. A child was in th back banging on a window. The family left before police arrived.

    6:12 p.m. A woman near Guachupangue reported her sister and niece rolled over in an ATV about three miles toward the mountains. Rescuers on ATVs located the two injured women about 7 p.m. They were transported by helicopter to an unknown hospital.

    7:41 p.m. A Valley Drive woman reported a man jumping into people’s back yards, checking out houses. He ran toward Ranchitos.

    9:31 p.m. An East Jiron Street caller reported her mother was overdosing and they couldn’t “bring her back. When fire and rescue arrived, no one was home.


Knock knock

Aug. 21

    12:27 a.m. A caller near Rio Chama Chevron said he saw a car in a tree. State Police took the call.

    12:58 a.m. A Sandy Lane caller reported a bunch of people on her property beat her up with boards. She was bleeding from the head. Police planned to review her surveillance recordings.

    8:03 a.m. An Alcalde caller reported a man passed out in the southbound lane of State Road 68. He was transported to the hospital.

    12:08 p.m. An El Llano Road caller reported her 18-month-old took the callers medications. She was transported to the emergency room.

    12:41 p.m. A deputy reported a hay barn fire in Lumberton. All animals got out of the barn and Chama and Dulce volunteer fire departments extinguished the fire.

    2:46 p.m. A woman reported a door was in the middle of the intersection in front of Santa Clara Gas Station.

    3:04 p.m. A North Paseo de Oñate caller reported she was tired of her husband beating her. He was arrested and she was treated at the scene.

    3:51 p.m. A Coyote woman reported someone was going to kill her sister if she didn’t pay them. A deputy explained the scam to her.

    4:06 p.m. A deputy sought information about a man locking his parents in the basement in Ojo Sarco. Deputies went to the house and arrested the son.

    5:05 p.m. A Martinez Lane caller reported a confused woman was on his front step. He called again at 7 p.m. asking why no one responded. At 7:50 p.m. an officer arrived and the woman was treated by medics.

    5:46 p.m. A Plaza del Cerro caller reported a squatter would not leave and was slapping the property owner around.

    9:10 p.m. A Chimayó man reported someone gave him two glasses of wine with something in it, stole his ATM card and withdrew $2,000.

    10:05 p.m. Officers assisted State Police to serve warrants on a man in a red Cadillac. One man was arrested but not medically cleared so the warrant was not served.

    11:14 p.m. A Calle del Sol caller reported her locks looked different than when she left. Police could not make contact.

Up on the roof

Aug. 22

    1:17 a.m. A woman near Coyote on Forest Road 76 reported a man flipped his ATV and was completely unresponsive. Regina and Cuba volunteers got to the man who was flown to an Albuquerque hospital.

    1:51 a.m. A naked man was reportedly slapping vehicles in Alcalde.

    6:39 a.m. A La Mesilla caller reported a black Jeep Rubicon on its side in a ditch. A family member said he knew who it belonged to and he would contact them to retrieve it.

    7:58 a.m. An Abiquiú caller reported about 50 high school aged students gathered north of Bodes without masks. Deputies found no one there 45 minutes later.

    9:47 a.m. A Harbor Freight manager reported a woman was climbing on the store’s roof because her boyfriend threw her keys there. She retrieved her keys.

    12:02 p.m. An Abiquiú caller reported a child without clothes jumped out of a truck that had just pulled onto U.S. Highway 84, heading south.

    1:38 p.m. A caller reported a drunk man in the parking lot at the Pathways Shelter was blowing into his vehicle’s interlock device and the vehicle would not start. She said the man got into the passenger seat and it started and he drove away.

    2:08 p.m. A Tierra Amarilla caller reported a tire flew off a vehicle and stuck the caller’s car. The other vehicle did not stop.

    6:14 p.m. A La Mesilla caller reported a car flipped on her property and a woman climbed out and was walking. Someone on an ATV came and got the vehicle.

    8:23 p.m. A Calle Milagro caller reported he believes shadow people are stealing construction material from his yard.

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