Two juvenile girls got into an early-morning fight Aug. 22 in the Walmart parking lot over a boy they are both dating. 

Española Police Officer Michael Dimas responded to the call regarding a battery and larceny at 6:30 a.m. after a girl called 911, saying she’d been beaten by several people, who then took her jewelry. 

A juvenile, later identified as Bianca Gonzalez, said she went to Walmart with her cousin, Alyssa Overson, around 5:40 a.m., and they met up with another juvenile, later identified as Eliana Trujillo. Overson and Trujillo intended to discuss issues they had over a boy they were both supposedly seeing at the same time. 

“Bianca stated she intervened for her cousin, and her (Bianca)  and Eliana got into a physical confrontation, in which both individuals battered each other,” Dimas wrote in his incident report. “Bianca said she had struck Eliana’s iPhone out of her hand since she was recording the incident. Bianca said she had taken Eliana’s two necklaces she was wearing and threw them away in the parking lot and stated to Officer (Anthony) Martinez that she doesn’t recall where she threw them and stated she refused to look for them.” 

Bianca said that the second incident took place at 6:31 a.m., at which time she walked up to Eliana and punched her in the face and battered her several times.

Eliana gave the same sequence of events, saying she was texting Overson in regard to the boy and agreed to meet at the Walmart parking lot to “discuss” the issue. She said she and Bianca got into a fight and she bit Bianca, trying to defend herself. 

“Eliana stated that several of Bianca’s friends stepped in and battered her also but was unable to identify any other attackers,” Dimas wrote. “Eliana also stated that Bianca tore off her two gold necklaces from around her neck and threw them somewhere in the Walmart parking lot, but she was unable to locate them at the time.”

Eliana told the officer she was in the parking lot when Bianca returned. Bianca got out of her vehicle and went over to Eliana and punched her in the face, battering her a second time. Eliana said she then called 911 for assistance.

The medic unit was called because both girls had physical injuries. Their parents were also called to come to the scene and take custody of their children.

“I also found probable cause that Eliana battered Bianca during the physical altercation and based on this information, will forward my report to CYFD for any further follow-up to this incident,” Dimas wrote.

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