La Puebla crash

Mary Casaus, 31, Santa Fe, was cited Dec. 18 when she allegedly crossed the center line in her Toyota Sienna van, colliding with a Dodge Ram pickup, which landed on its passenger side. Casaus was cited for careless driving, no insurance and unregistered vehicle. Neither driver was seriously injured.

    The police blotter is published to give readers an abridged look at criminal activity in their community and neighborhood. It is simply an illustration of what local law enforcement, funded by taxpayers, must deal with daily throughout the Española Valley.

    Española Police officers, Ohkay Owingeh Tribal Police, Rio Arriba County Sheriff’s deputies or State Police responded to the following calls:

Back to El Paso

Dec. 20

    12:11 a.m. A County Road 41 in Alcalde caller reported her son hit her with a bed. The call was transferred to New Mexico State Police.

    11:41 a.m. A Fairview Lane caller reported her neighbor’s house was burglarized and she has video of it. An Española Police Department officer said the woman would not cooperate.

    12:22 p.m. A Tesuque Drive caller reported she was kicked out of her residence, her personal belongings thrown in the yard. She got a ride back to El Paso.

    1:57 p.m. A Zuni Lane caller reported two pitbulls fighting. He called back and reported a lady got bit in the leg and one of the dogs was injured. An officer took the dog to the Animal Shelter.

    6:36 p.m. An El Rito caller reported a man having a psychotic break. State Police handled the call and an ambulance was dispatched.

    7:02 p.m. An El Llano woman wanted to report a stolen license plate on an un-insured vehicle. Officers could not find the woman.

    8:02 p.m. A Del Taco employee reported two people sleeping in a car in the employee parking lot. An officer moved the couple along.


Motherly love

Dec. 21

    2:35 a.m. A Greenfield Road caller reported someone tried to get into her house and it may be associated with a car she sold that day. Officers found no entry, nor theft.

    4:40 a.m. An alarm was activated at the Dollar General on Santa Clara Bridge Road. A key-holder could not be located. Officers found the back door open and front door glass broken.

    5:49 a.m. A La Mesilla caller reported her son stabbed himself with a knife. He was transported to the Española Hospital Emergency Room by private vehicle.

    6:46 a.m. A North Orchard Lane caller reported a black Dodge Dakota on Fairview Lane that appeared to be stripped for parts. An officer said it was not stolen and not blocking traffic.

    7:08 a.m. A Las Lomas apartments caller requested help turning her son in to his parole officer. An officer found the son had to report to rehab by 9 a.m. or a warrant would be issued for him.

    10:57 a.m. A Henry Valencia Inc. employee reported an employee and a customer were fighting over car repairs. An officer stood by while the customer hooked up his vehicle.

    1 p.m. A Lumberton man wanted to speak with a deputy about a man threatening to tear down his house.

    1:42 p.m. An officer stopped to help a man whose vehicle had stalled on North Riverside Drive. The man was arrested for an outstanding warrant.

    2:33 p.m. A Calle del Rio man whose white Dodge Charger was stolen found it on Cook Street. It was towed to his house at his request.

    3:21 p.m. A Hernandez caller reported her boyfriend broke the mirrors and windshield on her car.

    7:37 p.m. A North Riverside Drive caller reported a man in a silver Chevrolet SUV shooting paintballs at the KFC sign. An officer confirmed the sign was hit, but no people.

    8:46 p.m. A Hernandez woman called again to have deputies get her mentally ill husband. Deputies asked for State Police support and medics but then found the man was not home. The group stood down waiting for the man to return home.

    9:03 p.m. A La Madera woman reported pinging her ear pods in her neighbor’s yard. Before a deputy responded the woman called back and said she found the ear pods in the neighbor’s yard.

    9:53 p.m. A Cooks Trailer park caller reported someone trying to get in the house with a gun who had been threatening him. His sister called and said there were two people trying to get in. Officers found no one there and the woman seemed mentally ill.

    10:19 p.m. A deputy reported seeing the vehicle from the 8:46 p.m. call. The vehicle did not stop for the deputy, drove to the trailer and the driver ran inside. Deputies stood by at the Family Dollar.

Skating away

Dec. 22

    2:46 a.m. State Police updated deputies and Española Police officers on the situation in Hernandez and their attempts to pick up the mentally ill man.

    6:13 a.m. A Thorton Lane caller reported her son took a lot of sleeping pills and was incoherent. He was transported to the emergency room.

    6:43 a.m. An Española Hospital caller reported her brother left the emergency room and was missing. The man was a Santa Clara tribal member. The call was passed to them.

    7:27 a.m. A man on a skateboard skated up to the Starbucks drive-thru window and asked the barista to call 911, then skated away.

    8:28 a.m. A Las Lomas Apartments caller reported a man was overdosing. The man was transported to the emergency room.

    10:50 a.m. A woman in the Walmart parking lot reported while she was loading her car someone opened the door to her car and stole her purse.

    11:41 a.m. An Alcalde caller reported a man was overdosing. Someone in the residence administered Narcan and the woman took him to the emergency room.

    12:23 p.m. An East Pueblo Street caller reported a man on a neighbor’s roof with an ax in his hand. Someone was threatening the man with a gun. He got down from the roof and ran toward the Santa Claran Apartments.

    2:09 p.m. A Chama caller reported a man throwing things at a green SUV. The man was arrested.

    3:47 p.m. A Dollar Tree on North Riverside Drive caller reported a man passed out by the wall. He was transported to the emergency room.

    4:21 p.m. An Española Hospital caller reported the unstable man from the 2:46 a.m. call was being irate. Medics were transporting him to Kaseman Hospital in Albuquerque.

    6:25 p.m. A Center Market employee reported two people shoplifting. One man was arrested.

    10:04 p.m. A deputy witnessed an accident in front of Walmart on North Riverside Drive.

    11:13 p.m. A woman requested officers check on a vehicle parked by Hacienda Home Center. There were two juveniles in the car who were told to go home.


Breaking everything

Dec. 23

    1:34 a.m. A Roadway Inn caller reported a woman on the floor bleeding. The woman was evaluated by medics and refused transport.

     3:55 a.m. A Calle del Alamos caller reported shots fired. Another caller reported seeing someone shooting from a green Kia Sportage. Officers found the street quiet.

    8:50 a.m. An Alcalde woman requested help with her sister who wrecked into a fence and “is breaking everything.” A State Police patrolman requested an ambulance because the woman cut herself. Medics determined the woman was bipolar and not taking her medication.

    8:58 a.m. An Avenida Canada caller reported a man was having a seizure. Medics could not determine what the problem was and the man refused treatment at the scene.

    1:04 p.m. A UPS driver reported a house on fire on Santa Cruz Lake Road. The call was transferred to Santa Fe County Regional.

    2:47 p.m. A caller reported a vehicle rolled over at the intersection of Shadowood and El Llano Road. The vehicle was moving too fast. The white truck took out a Windstream junction box but there were no injuries. The driver was arrested for DWI, among other things.

    4:05 p.m. An accident with injuries was reported in Chamita. State Police took the call.

    7:31 p.m. A woman reported she had been taken against her will in a gray Honda Accord and the man was taking her to the housing on State Road 30 just before the Puye Cliffs turnoff. State Police and Santa Clara Tribal police gathered at the Valero gas station and waited for BIA Police. The group went into the housing area on Battleship Drive and arrested the man for disorderly and an outstanding DUI warrant. BIA advised the woman was not kidnapped and arrested for battery on a household member.

    8:37 p.m. A Medanales caller reported a truck abandoned near the Medanales Post Office and it’s the same truck that stole wood from the El Rito church the previous week. The call was transferred to State Police.

    11:44 p.m. An officer conducted a traffic stop and arrested the driver for unspecified reasons. He added to the dispatch log the man was later searched and had controlled substances on his person.



Dec. 24

    10:21 a.m. A Santa Claran Apartments caller reported a security guard was using his master key to enter the caller’s apartment and vandalize it.

    11:45 a.m. A Murphy’s Express caller reported someone broke into the propane tank cage during the night and stole several tanks.

    12:18 p.m. A Chama caller reported a man wasn’t feeling well, couldn’t walk and made no sense. Tierra Amarilla Medics performed CPR on the man but he died.

    12:47 p.m. A Taos Regional dispatcher reported a Taos County deputy on State Road 68 clocked a black Audi sports car going 96 mph. She would not stop for the deputy and was headed toward Velarde.

    2:33 p.m. A deputy reported two men were putting wooden boxes on U.S. Highway 84 near Abiquiú.

    2:45 p.m. A Speedway on North Riverside Drive caller reported his ex-girlfriend was in his car and would not get out. He said she hit him in the head with a rock. The woman was arrested. The man drove himself to the emergency room.

    3:53 p.m. An El Rito caller reported a man, who was in front of the church, had leg pain. He was transported to the emergency room.

    7:31 p.m. A man near Speedway on North Riverside Drive reported a white Elantra not maintaining its lane. An officer stopped the car and the woman was arrested for DWI.

    9:40 p.m. An Alcalde caller reported his 7-day-old son was choking but is now OK. He wanted him checked.

    11:18 p.m. A Dixon caller reported a man slumped over in his car in the Taos Canyon. The call was transferred to State Police.

Point away

Dec. 25

    12:06 a.m. An Allsups caller reported two men fighting in the parking lot, one with an ax. An officer spoke to one of the alleged fighters and he said everything was OK. It was a case of mistaken identity.

    12:31 a.m. A Motel 6 caller reported someone trying to jump into her room through the window. Officers let motel security handle it.

    12:47 a.m. A Cooks Trailer Park caller reported he took about 45 Fluoxetine pills (antidepressants). He was transported to the emergency room.

    5:25 a.m. An Avenida Cañada caller reported a black Nissan truck driving back and forth.

    2:29 p.m. A Truchas caller reported a single vehicle accident on State Road 76. A truck flipped over a guardrail and landed upside down.

    5:44 p.m. Several vehicles hit a deer near Chama. One couple waited at the State Police station for a ride, since their car was towed.

    10:26 p.m. A Josephina Way caller reported her boyfriend took her car and she tried to hold onto the door and got road rash. The call was transferred to Santa Fe Regional.

    11:26 p.m. An Allsups security guard chasing a man who had been trespassed attempted to pepper spray him but had the nozzle pointing at himself. Medics washed his eyes.

Package away

Dec. 26

    1:52 a.m. A woman’s medical alarm was activated in Ohkay Owingeh. Deputies found a very drunk woman.

    2:50 a.m. A Riverside Drive caller reported someone tried to open his door. Officers found a drunk woman going through alcohol withdrawals.

    5:12 a.m. Santa Clara Tribal Police requested assistance with non-natives with a gun in the Santa Claran Hotel lobby.

    9:01 a.m. A FedEx driver reported a couple physically fighting in North Riverside Drive by Del Taco. While he was stopped his “door opened package fell out and male took off running with packages.” He filed a larceny report with police.

    11:36 a.m. An Ohkay Owingeh caller reported an elderly woman having a hard time breathing. Deputies responded but the woman died. Ohkay Owingeh Tribal Police took over.

    11:39 a.m. A Chamita caller reported an elderly man not responding nor breathing. Deputies and Chamita Volunteer Fire Department medics responded but the man died.

    12:52 p.m. A Baker Lane caller reported finding his mother dead. Officers responded to the call and asked for an Office of Medical Investigator who was in Chamita.

    1:15 p.m. A Sunset Drive caller reported her neighbor saw someone steal a package from her porch. The caller said it was a $1,300 guitar. Officers were looking for a black lifted Chevy Silverado with a UNM plate. State Police thought the truck was in Alcalde. Deputies could not locate it.

    5:25 p.m. A Velarde caller reported his license plate was stolen the previous night.

    6 p.m. A deputy trying to serve a warrant on a Hernandez man had to chase him but did catch and arrest him.

    7:01 p.m. A North Riverside Drive caller reported a man slumped over in his car. An officer spoke to the man, who was drawing.

    9:47 p.m. An Ohkay Owingeh security guard requested a deputy to take a report for a stolen truck, which was on surveillance. The call was transferred to State Police.

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