Richard Salazar’s Toyota Tacoma was hit so hard the wheel came off and the axel was broken. The driver who hit Salazar was not identified and ran from the accident scene.

    An Espanola man tried to avoid an oncoming car Sept. 26 as he drove north through the Taos canyon but was hit despite his best efforts.

    Richard Salazar, 53, told New Mexico State Police Patrolman James Jeantete at the crash site that he saw the maroon Buick Lesabre owned by Joel Martinez coming into his lane and Salazar kept moving onto the shoulder to avoid being struck.

    Salazar’s Toyota Tacoma was struck on the front driver’s side, despite his evasive maneuvers. The impact dislodged the front left tire of Salazar’s Tacoma, as well as caused considerable body damage.

    The driver of the Lesabre was not identified and left the scene on foot. Jeantete found in the Lesabre mail addressed to Joel Martinez and Tony Martinez, both of El Prado.

    Jeantete concluded by the damage to the vehicles and the location of the vehicles that the driver of the Lesabre did come into Salazar’s lane, and was at fault.

    Salazar was transported to the Española Hospital Emergency Room with complaints of pain in his left side, arm and leg.

    Jeantete states in his report that since the driver of the Lesabre could not be located, no citations could be issued.

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