An Española woman is charged with three felonies stemming from a Dec. 14 shooting that took place on Calle Jiron, in Ranchitos, where a man was shot in the neck.

    Española Police Department Officer Abe Maes sat in his patrol unit in the early morning hours of Dec. 14 in the Title Max parking lot at the intersection of Fairview Lane and North Riverside Drive.

    The quiet shift was interrupted at 12:45 a.m. by a black Chrysler 300 moving fast, southbound on Riverside Drive, Maes wrote in his statement of probable cause. The driver turned right onto Fairview so fast she jumped the median and ended up stopped facing west in the eastbound lane.

    Maes pulled up to the vehicle driven by Angelica Molina after she pulled onto the opposite shoulder and spoke to her.

    “As I approached the vehicle, a female driver advised me that her boyfriend was shot in the neck and she was trying to get to the hospital fast,” Maes wrote.

    Maes went around the vehicle and checked the passenger Andy Martinez. He told Maes he’d been shot in the neck and would Maes escort them to the hospital. Maes and Officer J.D. Lujan escorted the couple to the emergency room and asked dispatch to advise they were enroute with a gunshot victim.

    At the emergency room, once the wound was cleaned, Maes wrote he could see it was a bullet entrance wound. He did not state if there was an exit wound.

    Martinez told Maes the couple was at a house on Calle Jiron to see a friend. A woman was trash-talking Martinez in the yard when his ex-girlfriend, Beth Madrid came out and also yelled at Martinez.

    Martinez said he and Molina got in the car and as they drove off he saw Madrid point a gun at them, heard a shot and was struck in the neck. The two drove south on Riverside Drive until they encountered Maes.

    Maes and Det. Zack Wright spoke with Molina in the emergency room lobby. She told the officers they went to see a friend of hers on Calle Jiron. When they arrived a woman identified as Melinda Trujillo, “Starting talking (expletive) to Andy about him owing her money and told him he was a ‘dead man walking,’” Maes wrote.

    At that point Madrid exited the residence and also yelled at Martinez. Molina told Maes she just didn’t want any trouble and told Martinez the two should leave.

    She then heard one or two shots and Martinez told her he was hit.

    Maes went to the home and a search turned up a spent casing near the gate at the approximate place Molina said Madrid stood as she fired at them. Maes also found a bullet on the ground in the driveway. He spoke with homeowner Julie Wyman, who gave consent to collect the evidence.

    Maes wrote a second search which netted a second spent casing.

    Madrid was arrested and released on a $30,000 security bond. At her Wednesday (12/23) pretrial disposition hearing Molina and Martinez did not attend. Assistant District Attorney Geoffrey Tager said that made it impossible to move forward with the hearing.

   “They are two very key witnesses in the case and the state can’t proceed without them,” he told District Court Judge Jason Lidyard.

   Defense Attorney Craig Hay said Madrid had been in front of Judge T. Glenn Ellington that morning (12/23) and she was being held without bond in a case in Santa Fe County.



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