A Dec. 23 pretrial detention hearing for shooting suspect Beth Madrid could not move forward after Assistant District Attorney Geoffrey Tager’s two key witnesses did not call in to the online hearing in District Judge Jason Lidyard’s court.

    Andy Martinez, the man who was allegedly shot in the neck by Madrid and his friend Angelica Molina were subpoenaed but did not call in to the hearing. Molina drove Martinez to the Española Hospital Emergency Room after he was allegedly shot by Madrid in her Jiron Street yard.

    Española Police Department Det. Zach Wright and two officers were on the call for the city.

    “They are two very key witnesses in the case and the state can’t proceed without them,” Tager said. “They were both subpoenaed.”

    Looking for guidance from Tager and defense attorney Craig Hay, Lidyard asked what they would like to do regarding Madrid’s release from the Rio Arriba County Adult Detention Center.

    Hay told Lidyard that Madrid had been in front of District Judge T. Glenn Ellington the morning of Lidyard’s hearing and Ellington had held her without bail for that matter, charges in Santa Fe County.

    Tager and Hay spoke offline for a few minutes and when Lidyard reconvened they agreed to release Madrid on house arrest with monitoring. Hay asked Lidyard to allow Madrid to meet Children, Youth and Family Department appointments as well as drug testing and outpatient counseling.

    Tager has fewer than 60 days to get another pretrial hearing.

    Madrid is represented by Russell Warren in the Santa Fe County case where she faces charges of possession of a controlled substance, driving while under the influence of drugs, failure to maintain traffic lane, child not in restraint device or seat belt, driving while intoxicated with a minor in the vehicle, tampering with evidence.

    Ellington signed revocations on conditions of release Dec. 16.

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