There’s been zero spread of COVID-19 at the Rio Arriba County Adult Detention Center in Tierra Amarilla, according to the New Mexico Department of Health

    County Manager Tomas Campos said four people with COVID-19 have been detected by their intake screening process and were quarantined.

    Campos said there were two cells equipped to quarantine people coming into the jail until they get a negative COVID-19 test result. The cells were designed for detox but work for the purpose of quarantine. The four people who have tested positive have had to stay in the cells for 14 days before being released into the general population.

    Since July 1, 2020 Rio Arriba County has spent $248,453 for inmates housed outside of Rio Arriba County.

    The County paid $152,575 to Santa Fe County for inmates housed there, anywhere from 12 to 28 inmates are housed in Santa Fe County at a time.

    Los Alamos County was paid $73,625 to house inmates there and $9,628 for juvenile inmates held in San Juan County.

    Quay County received $12,625 for a single inmate housed there. Campos said that was because there was an order from the judge on that inmate’s case to move him there.

    “The judge moved one of them to Quay County,” Campos said “That was (the) judge on her own discretion, not us.”

    The inmate in Quay County costs more because Rio Arriba County does not already have a contract with Quay County, Campos said.

    He said there are multiple reasons inmates need to be housed in different jails. For some it’s easier for them to go to court in Santa Fe County others are intentionally separated from other inmates.

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Difficult for a virus to spread when they keep their detainees in their cells 23 hours a day since before the pandemic.

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