A man was stabbed five times in the chest and upper arms June 12 while staying with his sister in the Cook’s Trailer Park. Instead of calling for police or an ambulance, Annadyne Sanchez drove Jeremy Martinez, 20, to the emergency room.

    E-911 logs state Sanchez called 911 while en route to the hospital at about 10:40 p.m., to ask dispatchers to inform the hospital of the situation so they would allow her access to the emergency room.

    At that time Martinez told dispatch he would not make a report and to not inform law enforcement.

    Hospital staff took Martinez in immediately at 10:47 p.m. and stabilized him.

    Española Police Officer Jerome Broyles states in his report that he was at the hospital for an unrelated matter at about 4:20 a.m. when he saw Martinez being loaded onto a helicopter for transport to Albuquerque.

    He asked the nurses what happened to the person being transported and they informed him of the stabbing.

    Broyles states he then contacted central dispatch to ask why no one was dispatched for the stabbing. After he was told the victim did not want police help, Broyles obtained Sanchez’s phone number and called her.

    Sanchez told Broyles her brother was staying with her. That night her boyfriend Julio Reza was also at the trailer.

    She said her brother went outside to talk to a friend, “Anthony,” who drove a white Subaru. Neither Sanchez, nor Reza, knew who Anthony was, nor his last name.

    Martinez came back in the house and was bleeding.

    Martinez tried to shower the blood off his body but he continued to bleed. At that point she said she told him he had to go to the emergency room and they left in her car.

    Officers Cody Lattin and Adrian Moya went to Sanchez’s house later that morning and surveyed the scene. They photographed blood stains and were able to match the vehicle on Sanchez’s home surveillance with her description.

    Martinez had not been interviewed as of June 23 and it was questionable whether he would be helpful with the investigation.

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