Truck theft

Adelene Urquijo (left) was arrested July 10 in Velarde after Rio Arriba County Sheriff’s deputies recovered a stolen 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe at her residence. Edward Ontiveros (right) evaded escape July 10, was involved in another chase and search July 11 and was eventually caught July 15 by State Police after a pursuit and crash on County Road 291. This photo came from a cell phone taken into evidence at the scene. The face of the woman in the middle is blurred because she has nothing to do with the stolen vehicle(s).

    An Española man refused to be a victim and wait for law enforcement to find his 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe. Juan Bernal-Chavira called 911 about 3:30 p.m., July 10 to tell dispatchers he found the Tahoe he had allowed a man to test drive the night before. It was outside a house on County Road 51 near Velarde Elementary School.

    Adelene Urquijo was arrested at the scene and a man eventually identified as Edward Ontiveros was arrested July 15 after trying to evade State Police.

    Stephanie Arambula (identified as Madrid in the incident report) called 911 a few hours earlier to report the Tahoe stolen. She said the previous evening a man identifying himself as Eduardo Ulibarri left his car at Arambula’s house and was last seen driving off in the Tahoe.

    Neither Arambula/Madrid nor Bernal-Chavira could not be reached for this story. It is unclear how Bernal-Chavira knew the Tahoe was in Velarde. However, he waited for deputies to arrive.

    Deputy James Mayers and Cedric Patterson arrived to find Deputy Andres Sanchez speaking with Bernal-Chavira.

    The deputies approached the house and confirmed the license plate with dispatchers as reported stolen and it was registered to Bernal-Chavira.

    Mayers knocked on the door. A woman, later identified as Adelene Urquijo, answered. When Mayers asked who else was in the house, Urquijo said a guy named Saul, and led Mayers to a back bedroom where he found a man later tentatively identified as Eduardo Ulibarri, lying on the bed. Mayers brought both of them out the front door. Urquijo was placed under arrest and Deputy Bobby Wright placed her in his patrol unit.

    At that point Ulibarri, in bare feet, ran into a field with Mayers, Patterson and Sanchez in pursuit. As Ulibarri left the front of the house Mayers shot at him with his Taser but it was inconclusive whether Mayers hit him. It was clear Ulibarri kept sprinting.

    They lost sight of Ulibarri on County Road 51 and Ulibarri took the opportunity to enter the home of Cordelia Casias. He asked the elderly woman for water and shoes. When she declined, Ulibarri ran out a side door and disappeared.

    The three deputies returned empty-handed to the Urquijo’s house.

    Sheriff’s Capt. Lorenzo Aguilar said Tuesday Ulibarri/Ontiveros was involved in a pursuit with State Police July 15 and was caught after he crashed his vehicle on County Road 291. Mayers met State Police at the Española Hospital and identified Ulibarri as the man deputies chased on July 10.

    State Police properly identified the man as Edward Ontiveros. He was arrested and his charges were unknown at press time. A request for the County Road 291 crash incident report is pending with State Police.

    At the scene July 10 deputies obtained Bernal-Chavira’s permission to search the Tahoe and they found a glass pipe, a small plastic baggy with what later tested positive for heroin, an envelope containing many vehicle titles, a Taurus .40-caliber Smith and Wesson handgun, multiple papers with Urquijo’s name on them and a cell phone.

    The phone contained pictures of Ulibarri, Urquijo and another unidentified woman together.

    Urquijo was charged with receiving/transferring a stolen motor vehicle, a misdemeanor; resisting arrest or obstruction, a misdemeanor; burglary of a dwelling, a felony and trafficking controlled substances, a felony. She was cleared for medical reasons and sent to the Rio Arriba County Detention Center.

    Arambula called 911 again at 2 a.m., July 12 to report Ontiveros (also using the last name Ontiberon) was at her house and angry that she had reported the Tahoe stolen.

    She told dispatchers Ontiveros was driving a white Dodge Challenger and he was armed. He fired a handgun at her house, striking it three times.

    The manager of Milagro Mobile Home Park reported five minutes later a white Challenger drove through the park at a high rate of speed.

    Española Police officers James Lujan and Jerome Broyles contacted the manager at the park to ascertain where the Challenger stopped, who lived in the space and if it was the home-owner’s car.

    The manager told the officers one person lived in the trailer and it was not Ontiveros. When officers spoke to the homeowner, she said the Challenger was not hers.

    The 911 log is not clear about who came out of the trailer nor if they were detained or arrested. Española police did not have more detailed information at press time.

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