Española Police Officer Monica Salazar responded to a call at 2:15 a.m., June 6 at Española Hospital. An emergency room nurse requested police presence around the hospital because there was a gunshot victim in the ER and she thought the suspect might be driving around outside.

    While on her way to the hospital, Salazar learned that the victim claimed she’d been shot on 31 Mile Road. With the help of other officers, Salazar canvassed the hospital property but couldn’t find the vehicle in question. She called the nurse and also spoke with a doctor in the emergency room, who told her the gunshot victim was a 17-year-old girl, whose name was illegally redacted from the report. She is identified only by E.S., in Salazar’s incident report.

    E.S. was taken into the ER with a gunshot wound to the hip area. The bullet had traveled from the front of her hip and exited through her buttocks area.

    “The nurse stated that E.S. and her mother, did not want to file a report due to fear of retaliation,” Salazar wrote.

    She and Officer Donnie Gutierrez spoke to E.S. and asked her to recount the events that led to the shooting.

    She said she was on 31 Mile Road, near the water tanks, with some friends, when she saw a newer gray Honda drive past their location. The vehicle turned around and came back to where they were. It was then that E.S. recognized a man who got out of the vehicle as her ex-boyfriend Raynel Garcia, 18, of Española.

    She said he walked up to her and called her a “bitch,” then pointed a handgun at her. E.S. said she hit the gun with her arm and it fell to the ground, but Garcia picked it up and pointed it at her again, then shot her. She said she didn’t immediately realize she’d been shot, but then she fell down and someone kicked her three times, in the back. She heard a few more gunshots and said Garcia was shooting at the truck that she was crawling toward.

    “E.S. recalled that she was helped into a truck and driven to her friend’s house,” Salazar wrote. “At her friend’s house other individuals helped her to clean the wound and her friends convinced her to go to the emergency room.”

    E.S. said she didn’t want to report the incident because she was afraid Garcia and his family would retaliate.

    “She knows he carries a 9mm handgun and believed this was the handgun he had shot her with,” Salazar wrote.

    E.S. told the officer she and Garcia had been together for about four years, but had broken up in May.

    Salazar and Moya went to 31 Mile Road and recovered 11 spent 9 mm casings and one live 9 mm round.

    Salazar and other officers found Garcia at his grandparents’ house and questioned him. He said his current girlfriend and E.S. got into a fight at the Española Carwash and the couple had gone to a graduation party in Santa Cruz and stayed there all night, then went back to his house. He denied being at 31 Mile Road that night.

    Garcia was charged, on June 8, in Tierra Amarilla District Court, with one count each of aggravated battery (deadly weapon), negligent use of a deadly weapon (discharge) and attempt to commit a felony to wit: Shooting at/from a motor vehicle (personal injury).

    All charges were dismissed on June 14.

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Why does this say all charges were dismissed? There is clearly a case pending in District Court,.

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