A Santa Fe woman nearly got away without incident after she rear-ended a vehicle, Oct. 12, on Middle San Pedro Road, however, her actions indicated she might be under the influence of something and police were asked to return to the scene.

Española Police Officer Dustin Chavez was dispatched to the accident scene around 10:28 a.m., after he was told one of the drivers involved might be intoxicated. When he got there, he spoke with Clara Vigil, who told him she was driving east on Middle San Pedro Road and the vehicle behind her was swerving and driving too fast. Vigil told Chavez that when she came to a stop, the vehicle bumped her from behind. At first, Vigil and the other driver, later identified as Maria Rodriguez, 40, of Santa Fe, agreed to exchange insurance information because there was no damage to Vigil’s vehicle. However, Vigil suspected that Rodriguez was impaired, so she called dispatch and requested that an officer respond to the scene. That’s when Chavez arrived.

“When I proceeded to speak with the female, the female was behind her car acting odd,” Chavez wrote in his incident report. “The female later known as Maria Rodriguez, was unable to stay in one place.”

He wrote that she kept reaching in her pocket, to take something out. He gave her several commands to stop what she was doing, but she would then start to pick up things from the ground.

“I asked Ms. Rodriguez is (sic) she had taken any drugs and she advised she took several ZANY’s (sic),” Chavez wrote.

Because of Rodriguez’s unusual actions, Chavez asked her if she could perform several tests. She allegedly replied, “yes.” The officer asked her to walk in front of his patrol unit and put her hands to her side. She allegedly could not follow his direction or stay still.

“I advised her again if she could follow my pen without moving her head, and to which she was unable to focus,” Chavez wrote. “Ms. Rodriguez was not listening and continued to say random sentences that would not make any sense.”

Because she was unable to follow direction or complete Chavez’s tests, and because she admitted to taking xanies, the slang term for Xanax, she was arrested for driving under the influence. A deprivation period began and she was taken to the Española Detention Center, where a Breathalyzer test was administered. She blew a 0.00 on it.

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