Conscious and Alert

Española police, emergency medical technicians and fire personnel responded July 16 to an overdose call on Calle Redondo. E-911 radio traffic indicated the man was unconscious and not breathing. He survived the overdose.

    The police blotter is published to give readers an abridged look at criminal activity in their community and neighborhood. It is simply an illustration of what local law enforcement, funded by taxpayers, must deal with daily throughout the Española Valley.

    Española Police officers, Ohkay Owingeh Tribal Police, Rio Arriba County Sheriff’s deputies or State Police responded to the following calls:

Day drinking

July 4

    4:33 a.m. A Rio Chama Chevron caller reported a woman is on the side of the road, unconscious. It was determined she was highly intoxicated.

    7:45 a.m. A Center Market caller requested a welfare check on a man passed out in the driver’s seat of a car parked in the handicapped spot.

    9:52 a.m. A County Road 96 in Chimayó caller said his gun went missing from his home while he was camping.

    12:04 p.m. A Murphy’s Express caller reported she stopped to gas up her car and her 14-year-old daughter took off when she stopped at the gas station.

    2:46 p.m. A Club Tropicana employee said two people are highly intoxicated and were refused service. He said they got into a vehicle and drove off.

    4:31 p.m. A police officer was flagged down at Walmart and told that a child was in a vehicle with the windows rolled up.

    5:15 p.m. A Walmart caller said a man took an employee vest and was pretending to be an employee.

    7:29 p.m. A caller reported a man had been shot in the leg at the El Rito campground. It was discovered that he wasn’t shot, he had a compound fracture.

    8 p.m. A Speedway on North Paseo de Oñate caller said a man with a bat tried to assault him after he refused to sell the man alcohol due to an expired driver’s license.

    8:04 p.m. An Ohkay Casino caller reported a motorcyclist hit her from behind, flew off the motorcycle and was lying on the ground, bleeding.

    8:49 p.m. A Timberline Sports caller said their vehicle started on fire.

    9:38 p.m. A Santa Clara Apartments caller reported he’s been doing cocaine for the past two days and doesn’t feel well.

    10:26 p.m. A Jicarilla Police Department caller requested a deputy because a vehicle went over the guardrail near the Family Dollar in Dulce.

Pizza place battle

July 5

    12:08 a.m. A Calle Olivas caller said a 60-year-old woman is drunk and wants to fight her.

    5:16 a.m. A North Railroad Avenue caller said two guns were stolen from her house.

    6:47 a.m. A Cañones caller reported he shot three dogs in his sheep pen.

    1:37 p.m. A Private Drive 1416 in Chimayó caller said someone broke into her house and stole a chainsaw and TV and broke a china hutch. She thinks it’s her neighbors.

    1:44 p.m. A Bubble Zone caller requested a welfare check on a man in a wheelchair, in the middle of the road.

    2:42 p.m. A Calle del Sol caller reported a man is unconscious, not breathing and is overdosing.

    5:20 p.m. A Private Driver 1416 in Chimayó caller reported a man flattened her car’s tires and broke the windows.

    5:34 p.m. A traffic stop near the Ohkay Casino turned into a chase and road spikes were set down. One person was arrested.

    6:17 p.m. A Hernandez caller reported a traffic collision and said one of the drivers is trying to fight the other driver.

    6:34 p.m. An El Paisano Market caller said actor Damian Chapa is at the store for a meet and greet and he’s requesting law enforcement for the crowds of people around him and his bodyguard.

    7:17 p.m. A County Road 41A in Alcalde caller reported a 58-year-old man is not conscious and not breathing. The Office of the Medical Investigator was called.

    7:37 p.m. A Little Caesar’s caller reported the manager hit him in the face.

    9:05 p.m. A Pizza 9 caller said a man from Little Caesar’s is waiting for one of the employees to get off so he can fight him.

You must sign

the papers!

July 6

    12:45 a.m. An Allsup’s caller reported a car occupied by two men keeps coming by and picking up women.

    7:26 a.m. A San Pedro Community Center caller said a car with no license plate was left in the parking lot and has trash around it.

    8:10 a.m. A Burger King caller reported a man in a truck is in the drive-thru and refusing to leave.

    9:14 a.m. a Loma Alto caller said he believes someone poisoned his dog.

    9:28 a.m. A Sacred Heart of Jesus Church caller reported a woman left her four children at the church.

    10:55 a.m. A Calle Serrano caller requested a welfare check on a nine-year-old child. The child was taken into CYFD custody.

    11:09 a.m. A China Kitchen caller said someone broke in and damaged the building.

    11:59 a.m. The U.S. Marshal’s Service served a warrant on an individual at West Shadowood Lane.

    3:18 p.m. A Private Drive 1741 in Santa Clara caller said a woman is at his house and is trying to force him to sign a title to her car.

    4:09 p.m. A 33-year-old man was reported dead at a home on Private Drive 1538 in Hernandez.

    5:06 p.m. A Cañada Court caller said there was a big fight and someone is underneath a car and might be dead.

Food fight

July 7

    3:03 a.m. A West Chamisa Street caller requested a welfare check on a woman who was getting beat up.

    5:19 a.m. A La Mesilla caller reported a 30-year-old man is overdosing and is barely breathing.

    8:35 a.m. A Private Drive 1034C in Velarde caller requested a deputy check on a car that has been parked in the driveway in which a person looks slumped over.

    9:16 a.m. A County Road 1 in Hernandez caller said a woman is on his property and refusing to leave.

    11:34 a.m. A man walked into the Española Police Department to file a report for credit card theft.

    6:07 p.m. A Food King caller employee reported a shirtless, tattooed man is at the gas pumps, demanding money and threatening employees.

    7:05 p.m. A North Riverside Drive caller requested a welfare check on a man lying on the ground by Habitat for Humanity.

    7:55 p.m. A Valdez Park caller said several women are physically fighting.

    8:19 p.m. A Calle Sierra Vista caller reported items were taken from her SUV after she left the doors unlocked.

    8:55 p.m. A West Chamisa Street caller said people next door are throwing food in her yard and at the windows.

    10:25 p.m. A Walmart caller reported a customer pushed and punched an employee.

    11:57 p.m. A Cook Street caller reported her son is drunk and acting disorderly.

‘Stalker’ at Circle C

July 8

    1:34 a.m. A West Jonathan Drive caller said a 62-year-old woman drank too much.

    2:38 a.m. A State Road 76 in Chimayó caller said he heard what sounded like a fully automatic weapon and there are guys shooting at each other.

    6:57 a.m. An El Llano Road and West Shadowood Lane caller reported finding a black handgun on the side of the road.

    7:41 a.m. A Private Drive 1042 in Velarde caller said a 58-year-old man is unconscious and not breathing. She said he suffered head and eye injuries in a car accident Tuesday.

    12:50 p.m. Ohkay Travel Center security requested assistance from an officer because a drunk man was refusing to leave.

    2:25 p.m. A Family Dollar in Hernandez caller said a truck reversed into his car and left.

    5:50 p.m. A Camino del Sol caller said his car was broken into and a radar detector and electronics were stolen.

    6:13 p.m. A Century Bank caller reported a man driving a Cadillac is banging on the windows and doors and getting irate because he wanted to make a transaction after hours.

    6:45 p.m. A Camino Cielo Grande caller said her daughter is in a car with “all kinds” of minors and she’s drunk and one of the minors might be, too.

    7:23 p.m. A Circle C employee said a man is stalking her and telling her she has pretty eyes.

    7:43 p.m. A North Paseo de Oñate caller reported her husband’s wallet was stolen and someone charged $300 to one of their cards for a phone.

    9:20 p.m. A La Joya Street caller said people in a car are chasing them and pointing their gun at them.

Expensive pizza

July 9

    12:04 a.m. An East Laguna Street caller requested a welfare check on her brother because a man was trying to kill him the other day and the man is armed and dangerous.

    1:11 a.m. An Española Hospital caller said she’s outside the hospital and no one wants to help her.

    3:07 a.m. A Silver Lane in Ohkay Owingeh caller reported her neighbor hung himself inside his house and his brother, who was with him, told her to call 911.

    3:34 a.m. An El Rito caller said she heard a boom and now a house is on fire and she can see flames.

    4:35 a.m. A Thunder Road in Hernandez caller reported seeing a car on the side of the road. The woman in the car told the caller her boyfriend was using the restroom, but he hadn’t come back and the caller thinks the boyfriend might be breaking into a house.

    10:21 am. A man said he went to Pizza Hut Tuesday and the server overcharged him by adding a $40 tip to his bill.

    10:30 a.m. A Wells Fargo Bank caller said a man walked into the business, urinated on the floor and left.

    10:57 a.m. A Murphy’s Express caller reported a man walked in and stole 83 packs of beer.

    11:39 a.m. A Cook’s Mobile Home Park caller said a man is in her home with a gun.

    1 p.m. A Misión y Convento caller said children are playing in the fountain and he wants an officer to disperse them.

    1:22 p.m. A Murphy’s Express caller requested a welfare check on a man sitting on the dumpster, who seems to be impaired.

    2:41 p.m. A La Joya Street caller said her friend came to her house and told her a boy was at her house and was kicking the door.

    4:16 p.m. A Sandy Lane caller said her tenants moved out and she found what she believes is heroin and a small black rifle.

    4:58 p.m. A Fairview Lane caller reported a light pole is on fire.

    5:08 p.m. A Rio Arriba County deputy helped a New Mexico State Police officer with a traffic stop and the K9 detected drugs.

    6:48 p.m. A Gil’s Rental caller said a vicious dog tried to attack her and her daughter and she locked it in the U-Haul.

    7:13 p.m. An Ohkay Owingeh caller reported a man who recently stole the caller’s car is trying to use his ATM card at Murphy’s Express.

    7:27 p.m. A man said he was hit by a cook at Joji’s and wants to file a report because he has a black eye.

    9:31 p.m. A Murphy’s Express caller reported a car has been parked at pump #5 for at least two hours and the driver is refusing to leave.

    10:44 p.m. A Rio Arriba County Detention Center corrections officer was assaulted by an inmate.

Naked at

the bus stop

July 10

    1:52 a.m. A Lowe’s Home Improvement caller said five cars are in the parking lot and the drivers are loitering.

    3:07 a.m. State Police officers chased a car that fled from Fairview Lane and North McCurdy Road.

    7:10 a.m. A Habitat for Humanity caller requested a welfare check on a naked man standing in the bus stop, screaming.

    8:52 a.m. An Adult Probation caller said someone shot the windows.

    10:42 a.m. A Dreamcatcher Cinema caller requested a welfare check on a car stopped in the middle of the lane, in which the driver is slumped over.

    10:45 a.m. A County Road 81 in Chimayó caller said a woman is in a truck and her eyes are rolling back and she might be overdosing. Fire Department personnel determined the woman was sleeping.

    1:14 p.m. A Santa Claran Casino Hotel security officer requested an officer because they are dealing with a stolen debit card and the suspect is not native.

    4:05 p.m. A County Road 155 in Abiquiú caller reported a 58-year-old woman was thrown from a horse and is having back pain.

    4:46 p.m. A Walgreens employee said a shoplifter stole some lotion and damaged a $3,000 machine.

    6:05 p.m. A Giant on Paseo de Oñate caller said a customer was putting gas in the car and a man got into the customer’s car and stole a wallet.

    6:34 p.m. A Dollar Tree caller said a man might be overdosing on a couch by the dumpster.

    8:01 p.m. An officer reported a vehicle got high-centered at the Ohkay Travel Center.

    8:17 p.m. A Family Dollar is Española caller reported a man went into the store, throwing things and yelling that he was going to hurt people.

    8:30 p.m. A Coyote caller said a man went to the hospital because he was shot.

    10:11 p.m. A Camino Miramontes caller said she opened the door and a dog went inside and won’t leave. She has thrown food outside and it still won’t go outside and growls when she tries to touch it.

  10:20 p.m. A Lumberton caller reported two little boys ran into the road as their parents were changing a tire. The boys didn’t speak but wanted the caller to stop.

    11:54 p.m. An Allsup’s caller said a man was parked in front of the store and was denied alcohol because he was drunk and acting disorderly.

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