An Española City Police officer arrested a man on Oct. 24, after he allegedly tried to strangle his girlfriend over a broken phone.

Police Officer Adrian Moya arrived at the home on North Monterey Lane on Oct. 24, after a child there called police to report the incident.

Moya spoke with the victim, who explained that Jose Guzman, 35, of Española strangled her and broke her iPhone after she tried sending a photo of their child from his phone to hers. Guzman allegedly got frustrated and broke the phone valued at $1,000. 

“At that point (victim) and three juveniles attempted to leave the residence to avoid a physical fight and that’s when Jose grabbed her by the throat and strangled her,” Moya wrote in his incident report.

The child that called police, saw the incident. Following the call to dispatch, they all waited outside for law enforcement to arrive because Guzman was allegedly armed with a knife inside the house.

“I then attempted to speak with Jose, via an open north facing window and he was refusing to come out of the house despite multiple orders to do such,” Maes wrote. “Eventually, Jose came out the front door and refused to listen to officers and come off the porch.”

Maes wrote that he tried several times to deescalate the situation and convince Guzman to speak with officers, but was unsuccessful.

“Because of the information relayed about Jose arming himself with a knife, I did not want to allow him back inside the residence for the safety of all parties involved,” Maes wrote. “At that time, I grabbed Jose off the porch to detain him, he was successfully taken to the ground and detained in handcuffs.”

Maes wrote that Guzman was booked and the case would be referred to the District Attorney’s Office Domestic Violence for review.

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