Broadband Meeting

Redi-Net Chairman Raymond Ortiz (left) and County Manager Lucia Sanchez tell residents about connecting Internet broadband to the community center, elementary school, and local homes.  

Residents of Chimayó met with county officials to discuss upcoming plans for Redi-Net at the Arboleda Park Sept. 23.

Redi-Net Chairman Raymond Ortiz spoke alongside Commissioner James Martinez and County Manager Lucia Sanchez to explain Redi-Net’s plans for the 76 corridor.

Ortiz said they were expecting to “light up” the community center as soon as permitting was completed and from there they’d be able to send a fiber line over to the elementary school. Once those two projects were completed, broadband Internet could be connected to homes.

“We’ve been trying to get fiber on this corridor for a long time,” Ortiz said.

Ortiz said their original plans for the corridor were rejected for federal funding for being too ambitious.

Ortiz said the goal of Redi-Net was to provide the fiber optic cable infrastructure so that Internet service providers could come in and provide services to small communities like Chimayó and be profitable. 

Ortiz called this the “Ammon model” off of the city of Ammon. Idaho developed the method of treating the fiber optic cables as a utility. Its residents need high-speed Internet, so it would be the local municipality’s role, in this case Redi-Net, to take on the cost of setting up the wires while a second company provides Internet services to the users.

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