Moises Is Back

Rio Arriba County Magistrate Judge Joseph Madrid (left) swears in newly elected Rio Arriba County District 3 Commissioner Moises Morales during the Monday ceremony. The woman holding the Bible was not identified by anyone. Also sworn in during the ceremony were the county clerk and treasurer. A replacement for the vacant District 2 commission seat has not been appointed by the governor.

    Rio Arriba County Magistrate Judge Joseph Madrid Monday swore in newly elected and re-elected officials in a ceremony over Zoom.

    Absent during the ceremonies was a commissioner to replace newly elected state Senator Leo Jaramillo. There is still no word from the governor on who replaces the county commissioner for District 2.

    The ceremony was directed by County Commissioner and current chairman James Martinez and the oaths were sworn by Madrid.

    At the 10 a.m. ceremony reelected Treasurer Livia Olguin and Chief Deputy Treasurer Juanita Salazar were sworn in as well as newly elected District 3 commissioner Moises Morales.

    Jaramillo was sworn in to his state senate seat early on Dec. 30 after the former holder of the seat Richard Martinez resigned earlier in December citing concerns about COVID-19.

    County Manager Thomas Campos said that as of Monday he had received word that the governor’s office was doing their last round of interviews to determine who would be the next commissioner from District 2.

    County Clerk Linda J. Padilla, who won re-election, and Deputy Clerk Sarah Montoya, were sworn in at a separate ceremony at 11 a.m.

    Padilla was sworn in by Judge Brian Bishop and Montoya by Judge Jason Lidyard. Padilla said the separate swearing in ceremony was because they had already scheduled the judges before the plans of the other ceremony were made because they were the two judges that verified the election and worked closely with the Clerks office.

    “I felt like they knew how much work we do,” Padilla said. “I figured this was an honor for me to have them and they were happy to do it.”

    James Martinez congratulated the sworn in officials and offered some words of encouragement to County employees. He also congratulated Jaramillo on his election to the New Mexico State Senate and Roger Montoya on his election to the state House of Representatives as well as Rep. Susan Herrera’s re-election win.

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