A 42-year-old Dulce man was arrested for driving while under the influence on Dec. 20, after he high-centered his Honda Pilot and admitted to a deputy that he drank Jim Beam earlier in the day.

Rio Arriba County Deputy Cedric Patterson responded to the call regarding a vehicle that was high-centered on U.S. Highway 64/84, between mile marker 170 and 171. 

When he arrived, a woman identified as Maggie Valdez was at the entrance to County Road 334, waving him down. He saw the Honda Pilot with its engine running, being blocked by a large piece of ice.

Valdez told Patterson that a man was slouched over in the driver’s seat and she saw the Pilot traveling at a slow rate of speed when it got stuck on the piece of ice. 

When the vehicle stopped, she opened the door and put it in park, however, when she closed the door, the driver, identified as Russell Wanoskia, locked the doors and put the vehicle in drive. 

“Valdez made statements as you need to get him off the road he’s going to hurt someone or words in this manner,” Patterson wrote in his incident report.

When Patterson walked up to the vehicle, he saw Wanoskia slouched over and knocked on the window. He told the man to open the door and get out.

“As the male exited the vehicle he used the vehicle for balance and left the vehicle in reverse where it began to roll backwards,” Patterson wrote. “... I asked Wanoskia if he had consumed any type of alcohol or medication that would impair his driving. Wanoskia said he drank an alcoholic beverage he identified as Jim Beam earlier in the day.”

Patterson noticed the man had slurred speech, bloodshot, watery eyes and he could smell alcohol coming from his breath. He asked Wanoskia if he’d be willing to voluntarily submit to standardized field sobriety tests. He said yes.

However, he was unable to satisfactorily complete the tests and Patterson detected a total of six clues — three in each eye — when administering the nystagmus tests. 

In addition, Wanoskia couldn’t maintain his balance, he missed heel-to-toe steps and walked off line. He also couldn’t stand on one leg.

Because of his apparent intoxication, Patterson arrested the man for DWI and Martinez Towing towed his vehicle. Because Wanoskia’s blood sugar was above normal, he was taken to the Española Hospital. He told the deputy that he’s diabetic and takes insulin. 

While at the hospital, Wanoskia was read the implied consent advisory and he agreed to a blood test. Afterward, he was cleared for jail and booked into the Rio Arriba County Detention Center.

According to an online court records search, Wanoskia has a pre-trial hearing on Jan. 25, in Española Magistrate Judge Joseph Madrid’s courtroom.

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