A Chama School Board member shared and wrote transphobic and insensitive posts on a private Facebook page.

    A post on Board Secretary Stephanie Maestas’ personal Facebook page appears to show New York-based transgender activist Emilia Decaudin, and Maestas appears to misgender her and comment on her genitalia.

    “We are doomed,” Maestas wrote. “Men don’t belong in dresses! I don’t care which way you spin it, it ain’t right! He didn’t even bother tucking it away. Granted it is small….but still visible.”

    Maestas said in an interview that she did not know of any policies in the Chama School District relating to transgender students.

    Other posts on Maestas’ page are derogatory toward the Black Lives Matter movement, and others promote binge drinking or other unhealthy behavior and contain profanity.

    “Anybody notice how fast the COVID conversation disappeared when the nation’s attention was turned elsewhere? Notice how media controls you,” reads one screenshot of a post Maestas shared.

    Another screenshot of a post shared says, “This just in… no work boots were stolen in the looting.”

    Maestas’ post with the image reads, “No work boots, gloves, overalls, probably no toothpaste either!” seemingly implying that Black Lives Matter protesters have bad hygiene and work ethic, a common racist stereotype.

    In another screenshot of a post, Maestas shares an image that asked, “If I got arrested, what would you think I did?” and seemingly encourages vulgar responses.

    One commenter wrote “punching someone,” to which she responded, “Extremely likely!” Another wrote “beating someone’s a**,” where Maestas responded “you know me!”

    Another post she shared reads “BLM? What’s the bureau of land management got to do with anything?”

    According to a screenshot, one friend shared a news post to Maestas’ page about an Oklahoma school board member drinking alcohol during a virtual board meeting, and wrote, “This would be you.” Maestas put a laughing reaction in response to the post.

    Maestas declined to answer questions asking her to explain the posts, saying that her personal views were not school board matters.

    “The only people I report to about my personal life are my parents, who are both deceased, and my husband,” she said.

    School Board President Earl James Martinez wrote in an email that he would answer questions in writing, but did not respond to a second email containing questions.

    Maestas ran unopposed in 2017 as an incumbent.

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I’ve known Stephanie since she was a teenager. She worked for me a couple of summers and I’ve got to tell you she’s the smartest kid that ever worked at Milligan Brand

Now that she has become a 40 something adult I have continued to have a friendship with her and her husband Luke. I will tell you that Mrs. Meistas is a terrific human being and businesswoman. I’m on your side Stephanie. Ray Milligan


54 JUly 17, 2020 11:16

How sad whoever wrote this and has a problem with Mrs. Maestas have a lot of time on their hands. What she does on her personal time is her business i seen nothing wrong on her posts on Face Book... PEOPLE GET A LIFE


Yikes what a garbage person


Must be a slow news week! This article sounds like it was written by a kindergartner telling on another kid because they won’t play or think the same as them. People can think how they want! Pure leftist trash!!!!


She obviously lacks couth to post such vulgarity. This is something you’d think an ignorant juvenile might post not a middle aged adult. Her defiant and entitled response shows her lack of awareness. School board members should be looked at as “role models” and held to the highest standards. They represent the school AND the community. People like this are so self-opinionated they can’t see past how hypocritical their ideology is. Preaching “every life is a sacred gift from God” - however, should that fetus turn out to be different in any way from what these “ProLifers” deem appropriate than their lives are no longer worthy. They can be mistreated, mocked and ridiculed while these idiots all have a good laugh at their expense. (Oh..oh, but they’ll swear they’re the best “Christians”). It’s no wonder our youth have so much hatred and intolerance when they’re being taught that at home.

It’ll be interesting to see how the CVISD responds then it will become quite apparent how much they value the rights and safety of ALL its students. If they are truly invested in ridding this culture of hatred and bigotry which is exploding in this country, this would be a good place to start and what an invaluable lesson for students about accountability.

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