For Voters, Bond Questions Not a Simple Yes or No

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Lower San Pedro resident Leo Garcia (right) said he supports all the Rio Arriba County bond questions that will appear on the Nov. 5 ballot. Commissioner Leo Jaramillo (left) discussed the questions with District 2 constituents Oct. 21 at Northern New Mexico College. This is the first time the County has put bond questions on the ballot and if voters approve all the three questions, property taxes will raise 2 mills.

Rio Arriba County elected officials and management continue to reach out to voters to discuss the three general obligation bond questions totaling $30 million that will appear on the Nov. 5 ballot, but some voters say they have hesitation in voting yes on funding County road projects.

District 2 Commissioner Leo Jaramillo hosted a meeting Monday at Northern New Mexico College to discuss the bonds and answer questions on how the money will be spent.

Jaramillo said people often ask why places like Los Alamos and Santa Fe have facilities and roads better than those in the County, but those same people are often unwilling to vote for a bond.

“There’s stories behind everything that happens with the perception of the County,” he said. “So I want you to think if you really want things to change and you want to offer the community something, now is your chance that you have the power to vote.”

Voters will have to decide on three questions, whether or not to bond $12 million to repair roads across the County, another $12 million to build a nursing and rehabilitation home on Industrial Park Road and $6 million to build athletic facilities.

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While no one from the crowd said they had any hesitation to vote on the bonds for building athletic facilities and a youth center or a nursing and rehabilitation home, some said they were reluctant to vote yes on the bond for County roads.

Tom Montoya said he wholeheartedly agrees with building a youth recreation center so children have a place to go and stay out of trouble, as well as building a nursing and rehabilitation home.

“I’m really struggling with the question, the third one, and that’s the bond issue for road improvements and equipment,” he said.

Montoya said he is concerned about the County being unable to finish previous road projects.

He was referring to New Mexico Department of Transportation cooperative money. Public Works Administrator Napoleon Garcia recently asked the Rio Arriba County Board of Commissioners to pass resolutions to extend the deadlines to use the money for projects slated for 2017, 2018 and 2019.

County Manager Tomas Campos said the Roads Department was unable to get the projects done due to high employee turnover and lack of reliable road equipment and vehicles.

“That’s the reason we’re asking for the bond, that’s why we got extensions on those projects,” Campos said. “We’re not in danger of losing them, in fact we’re doing projects as we speak.”

He also said about $1.5 or $2 million of the $12 million bond will go to road equipment, while the other $10 million will go to repairs on 46 roads throughout the County.

The County will not work on the 46 roads, Campos said, it will hire contractors to do the work.

Montoya also said he was hesitant to vote on a bond to repair roads while the easement issues in La Mesilla still exists.

“Am I going to vote to increase my property taxes to improve roads to get to a residence that potentially down the road I can’t get to?” he asked.

At the same time, he said, he understands the roads need to be fixed.

Jaramillo said he understands the concern about the easement issue.

“Why am I then going to pay money for a road somebody else is claiming?” he said.

Leo Garcia, who lives in Lower San Pedro, said he came to the meeting wanting to vote for all three bonds and left feeling the same.

He said his decision is mainly based on providing more money to improve the community so children can thrive and want to stay living in the Española Valley.

“Give these kids, our kids, the opportunity to expand and be successful instead of being hungry and wondering, ‘Where do I go from here?’” he said.

By the end of the meeting, Montoya said he remained unsure about the County roads bond question, but will vote yes on the other two, as well as the mill levy question to fund trade programs at Northern New Mexico College.

After the meeting, Jaramillo said he was surprised people did not spend more time talking about the positive things the bonds will bring to the community.

Throughout the night he steered the conversation back to what each of the funding questions could provide for the community.

Jaramillo said the youth center, which will be located at the Arriba Empowerment Center, formerly the Cariños de Los Niños Charter School building, will be a place where children who may not have anything to do in the community can go.

The Center is also home to multiple nonprofit organizations, such as the United Way of Northern New Mexico and Youth Development Inc., so families will be able to access the services each offers during their visits.

Jaramillo said he gets phone calls from people in all three districts who say they cannot get to their homes for days due to damaged roads and floods and rain.

“Knowing they have a road to get home safely is a plus to me,” he said.

He also wants to ensure people will have a home in the Española Valley when they get older and need to go to a nursing or rehabilitation home.

“We definitely knew that (election) would just let the voters control if they wanted the bonds or not,” Jaramillo said.

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I for one have no faith in our County offices or their employees. There has been more than ample time to put things into place to help our community. However our County offices and personnel lack the knowledge and conviction to enforce codes. Why would any of us vote to repair our roads when County offices can't follow through to ensure rules and standards are up held. For our property taxes to go up because the county wants to repair our roads is a joke when they can't even enforce their own codes. And with issues on Pueblo's trying to obtain County Roads our county has no knowledge and lack conviction to protect our rights as land owners and citizens. I would maybe vote on our Elder center and Children Centers but to vote yes on raising land taxes on repairing our roads is not going to happen on my end! And the county lacks to contact us all properly in all ways to let us be part of these meetings. Website is the poorest I've ever seen. The Rio Arriba offices should never use Los Alamos or Santa Fe as an example. When L.A. and S.F. has their program together to protect and enrich the life of their citizens.


Rio Arriba Voters....

We cannot trust this political faction that’s in place right now..lead by Danny Garcia and Tomas Campos. They obviously think they have these bonds in the communication with the this faction this amount of money would be a bad mistake..The commissioners from D1and D2 need to step up and hold current management to some kind of accountability and transparency...Yes the roads and infrastructure in RAC are in dire need of work but these people that are in charge now have no intention of addressing these situations..VOTE NO FOR THE ROAD MEASURE..!!!..It will be a huge burden on taxpayers with NO results

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