Rio Arriba County Sheriff’s deputies are trying to positively identify a man who showed up at a woman’s house armed with a cane and a gun, claiming it’s “open season” and threatening to kill her and her boyfriend.

Savanah Espinoza, 27, of Los Ojos called the E-911 center around 9:58 p.m., March 26, after a man she identified as Jonnie Martinez, showed up at her house, threatened her and damaged her 2010 Hyundai.

She told Deputy Cedric Patterson that she was in her house when a man she knew as Martinez, knocked on her door. She opened the door and he asked for her boyfriend, Anthony Quintana.

“Espinoza stated Martinez started to make statements to her saying she and Quintana had stolen property from his father,” Patterson wrote in his incident report.

The woman saw a black handgun in one of Martinez’s hands and a large wooden stick, later described as a cane, in the other, as they were speaking.

“Espinoza said at this time Martinez pointed the handgun in her face,” Patterson wrote. “Espinoza stated she told Martinez to stop and leave the property.”

The man began walking away, but as he was leaving, he allegedly began to hit her car multiple times with the cane.

“Espinoza stated as Martinez walked towards he’s (sic) vehicle he made a statement saying it was open season and he was going to kill Espinoza and Quintana,” Patterson wrote.

The woman told the deputy that three days prior to this incident, she and Quintana had run out of gas, so they walked to Martinez’s father’s house to seek help.

She said the man’s father gave them some fuel for their vehicle, but neither she nor Quintana stole anything from his house. However, Martinez went to the couple’s house after that and Espinoza’s father told her that he saw a handgun on the passenger seat of Martinez’s car.

“Espinoza identified the weapons involved as a black handgun and a wooden cane,” Patterson wrote. “Espinoza refused any medical attention. Espinoza said Martinez fled from the area in a red Chrysler 200 and was possible (sic) under the influence of alcohol.”

Patterson documented the damage to Espinoza’s car with photos and saw numerous dents on the driver-side door and scuff marks on the driver’s window and the driver’s rear window. He also saw several pieces of wood on the car. Espinoza told the deputy that Martinez cracked her windshield, too.

“The information that was gathered for Martinez was provided to Central Dispatch,” Patterson wrote. “Dispatch further advised deputies they are unable to properly identify Martinez through their system.”

Patterson wrote that a follow-up interview would be conducted on April 2 and the case was pending, as they tried to positively identify Martinez.

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