A woman who tried to offer some advice to her son’s pregnant girlfriend, got pushed and spit on during a Nov. 30 incident.

Isaac Sandoval, 25, of Española was arrested for battery on a household member, after Española City Police Officer Adrian Moya responded to a call about a domestic situation on Calle Redonda.

When the officer arrived, he spoke with Sandoval’s mother, who said the man grabbed her by the arms and pushed her down on the couch, then spit on her, before leaving the residence.

“... I observed redness in the area of her arms consistent with her statement,” Moya wrote in his incident report. “(Victim) advised me Isaac then spit in her face, I asked (victim) what the argument started over.”

She told the officer that the argument started after she told Sandoval’s pregnant girlfriend that she needs to stop doing drugs.

After the incident, Sandoval fled on foot and walked down the street. Moya caught up with him,  and handcuffed and Mirandized him. He asked Sandoval what happened and the man allegedly said his mother was “putting down” his girlfriend, so they got into an argument.

“Isaac said he attempted to leave the residence but (victim) followed him out and began to yell at him,” Moya wrote. “Isaac advised me he walked back to where (victim) was grabbing her by the arms and walked her back into the residence pushing her down on the couch.”

However, when asked about whether he spit on his mother, Sandoval denied it, saying that he did spit, but it was not aimed at her. He spit at the wall.

According to an online court records search, Sandoval was arraigned on the battery charge, Dec. 1 in Santa Fe Magistrate Court, by Judge Donita Sena. He had a pre-trial hearing on Dec. 16, before Judge John Rysanek in Santa Fe Magistrate Court and he has a status hearing scheduled for March 17.

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