Mayor Sanchez

Mayor Javier Sánchez hugs supporters after speaking at his Nov. 14 campaign party. During the launch party, Sánchez spoke about how he wanted to bring Españolans back to the Valley by improving schools and providing more jobs. Voting for the 2022 mayoral election will take place in March. 

Española Mayor Javier Sánchez said his campaign for reelection is going to be all about bringing people back to Española. 

On Sunday afternoon, the front room of the Delta Bar was crowded with firefighters and others wearing “Mayor Sánchez” t-shirts for Sánchez’s first campaign event of the 2022 election. 

Statewide political hopefuls Mark Ronchetti and Harry Montoya attended in support of Sánchez, as well as city councilors John Ricci, Justin Salazar-Torrez and Mayor Pro Tem Dennis Tim Salazar.  

John Wickersham, president of Española Firefighters Union IAFF Local 4339, said the union voted unanimously to endorse Sánchez. 

“He’s been an advocate for public safety,” Wickersham said. “In the last four years, we grew the Department. We separated from the Department of Public Safety and got a fire chief and assistant fire chief as well as a fire inspector.”

Sánchez said systems in the city need to change, which takes time. 

“This is going to be about, how do we keep people in Española and bring people back to Española,” Sánchez said to the crowd. “We all know people who have gone to Los Alamos, to Rio Rancho, and we’re going to bring them back with a city that looks clean and with economic development to provide jobs.” 

Salazar said, “We’re seeing stability, in management and down the line. Big things are coming.”

Mark Ronchetti, the former Albuquerque meteorologist who recently announced his gubernatorial campaign, addressed the crowd, declaring his support for Mayor Sánchez and framing Española in the larger effort to “take our state back.” 

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Ronchetti needs to stick to reading weather off a teleprompter.

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