Alexia Morales

SUN newsroom intern Alexia Morales takes a break from working on an article for the upcoming issue. She hopes to hone her writing skills during her time with the SUN

Meet the SUN’s new editorial intern, Alexia Morales.

Morales said she enjoys a challenging environment where she is constantly thinking. 

“My goals are to improve my writing skills and to create more connections within the community,” she said. “I would also like to implement the skills I’m learning now into my education and career.” 

Morales was born in Santa Fe and raised in Pojoaque, where she attended Pojoaque Valley Schools. She graduated from Pojoaque Valley High School and moved to Las Vegas, Nev. to attend the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. 

“Working in my hometown, I feel connected to my community and encouraged to learn more about it.” 

A first-generation college student, Morales is currently working toward a bachelor’s degree in Human Services. After earning her degree, she plans to pursue graduate school. 

Morales’s long-term career goals include becoming either a licensed marriage and family therapist or a clinical mental health counselor. 

In her spare time, Morales enjoys reading romance novels and journaling — her favorite form of self-care. She encourages everyone to try it. 

Morales is the first to take part in the SUN’s new internship program. To apply, send a resume and cover letter to Managing Editor Jen Burnham at

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