Lucas Martinez SWAT raid

New Mexico State Police’s SWAT team assisted the Española Police Department Nov. 15 to arrest Lucas “Louie” Martinez, on Jiron Street. Martinez was wanted for allegedly shooting a woman in the leg in October. When first contacted, Martinez refused to come out of his rental home, but police took him into custody unharmed.

Police are again looking for Lucas “Louie” Martinez, the man whom Mark Hice mistook for Cameron Martinez.

Five days after Española Police Department collaborated with New Mexico State Police’s SWAT team to arrest Lucas Martinez, 19, of Española, a new warrant has been issued for his arrest. The latest warrant accuses Martinez of three counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and possession of a controlled substance.

He was arrested Nov. 15 following a SWAT standoff for allegedly shooting Tammy Chacon in the leg in October. The next day, he was released on his own personal recognizance, in part because he has no violent crimes on his adult record. 

Hice’s intended target

Statements given by Mark Hice, who is accused in the high-profile Oct. 4 shooting death of Cameron Martinez, no relation, detail an ongoing feud with “Louie.”

Michelle Mascareñas, Hice’s mother, told State Police in October that “Louie Martinez” was the person that Hice thought he was shooting at when he allegedly shot and killed Cameron Martinez.

Investigative reports from the Cameron Martinez case mention “Louie” multiple times and audio recordings of interviews with Angelica Maestas also reference “Louie.”

A neighbor said that the images of Angelica and her brother Nathaniel Maestas holding guns and making social media threats to Hice are from inside the house on Jiron Street which Lucas “Louie” Martinez was renting.

State Police Officer Ray Wilson said State Police were not looking for Martinez in relation to the Hice case, but did assist city police with the arrest. 

October shooting

Chacon was shot in the leg Oct. 27 on Winesap Drive following an argument. Various police officers interviewed multiple people who alleged that Lucas Martinez shot Chacon. Officer Timothy Lopez wrote in an affidavit the argument had been about a debt.

Española Police Det. Manuel Romero was initially assigned to the case, but was placed on administrative leave Oct. 31. Officer Timothy Lopez assumed the investigation and filed documents seeking a warrant for Martinez’s arrest.

In the Chacon case, Martinez faces a single charge of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, a class three felony. If convicted, he could spend up to three years in prison and have to pay fines of up to $5,000. 

When the initial warrant was executed Nov. 15, Martinez was arrested, and Owen Herrera, 17, and Layla Lee Garcia 15, were also detained. Documents show officers recovered two Glock 23 handguns as well as illegal drugs in the subsequent search. They also recovered a “large quantity” of ammunition for .40-caliber guns, .223-caliber guns, 9mm luger guns and .38 special guns and 12-gauge shotgun rounds. 

Endangering youth

An arrest affidavit filed Nov. 20 by Española Police Department Officer Ernest Saucedo alleges that two juveniles who showed up in the Española Hospital on Nov. 14 were accidentally shot inside Martinez’s home.

Manual Gallegos told Saucedo he was riding in a gray Audi that Owen Martinez, Lucas Martinez’s brother, was driving and they were drinking alcohol and taking Xanax when he heard several gunshots and noticed he was bleeding from his right leg. Saucedo said Gallegos was shot in the right shin. 

When Saucedo tried to speak with Gallegos further, he became combative and refused to provide any further information.

His mother, Darlene Gallegos told Saucedo she was “scared for her son’s life” because he was associating with Owen Martinez. She also told Saucedo she had heard Angelica Maestas, whom police have been looking for in an unrelated handgun incident, say Gallegos had wanted to hurt himself and had shot Jerome Gonzales by accident. 

Jerome Gonzales told Saucedo he had been with Gallegos at Martinez’s house on Jiron Street on Nov. 14. He said everyone at the house possessed high powered assault rifles “with the firing pins altered,” and multiple handguns. He also said he observed approximately an ounce of cocaine inside the home. 

Gonzales told Saucedo that Gallegos had shot him accidentally.

He also alleged that Martinez and Maestas were directly related to the shooting of Chacon in October.  

Danger to the community

Saucedo said in his affidavit Martinez displays disregard to the preservation of life and is extremely dangerous. 

“Martinez poses a great threat to the community of Española, is a flight risk and is an imminent threat to the individuals involved with Mr. Martinez,” Saucedo said in the affidavit. “Mr. Martinez has the ability to harm and threaten witnesses due to recent police activity.” 

A neighbor said another shooting involving a vehicle took place at Martinez's house Tuesday, hours before the latest warrant was issued. Police have not released any details of that incident.

It’s unclear if the First Judicial District Attorney’s Office will seek to hold Martinez once he is arrested again. If he is detained, it may pose a problem for jail officials, as Hice’s mother has said that Martinez did threaten Hice and his family during his Nov. 15 overnight stay at the jail.

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