Three Española men have been charged with allegedly kidnapping, raping and robbing a woman in San Pedro in late August, according to court documents.

Donnie Deaguero, 45, was charged on Tuesday with kidnapping, criminal sexual penetration and armed robbery, among other crimes, related to the alleged incident. 

Jeremy Naranjo, 31, and Somphong Phanomsack, 66, were each charged on Thursday. Naranjo faces charges of kidnapping, criminal sexual penetration and conspiracy to armed robbery, and Phanomsack faces charges of kidnapping and conspiracy to both criminal sexual penetration and armed robbery.  

On Aug. 22, Deaguero allegedly forced a woman at gunpoint into the backseat of his red Jeep in the Lower San Pedro area, according to arrest affidavits provided by New Mexico State Police Officer Angel Moreno. The victim said all three men held her down inside the vehicle, Moreno wrote, while Deaguero and Naranjo raped her. She was then robbed of some personal items, the affidavits state. 

The woman said she recognized Deaguero by his street name, “Bam Bam,” Moreno wrote. 

Deaguero was arrested on Aug. 31 while driving the jeep near Fairview Lane and Honeysuckle Lane. Moreno conducted a traffic stop and arrested the accused on a prior state warrant, he wrote. 

Deaguero admitted “he often hangs out with” the other two accused, but he denied “either of them being with him in the Jeep at any time,” Moreno wrote. He also denied that the alleged victim was ever in the Jeep.

After detaining Deaguero, Moreno wrote that he saw the items described to have been stolen by the alleged victim in plain view inside the Jeep. 

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